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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Welcome back friends to this week’s The Next Leader, Where every week I sit down with a future leader of this community! This week I got the opportunity to talk to Joe, Who is currently a 2ic in Help Force! We get to learn his plans for leadership, and what we can expect to see from him! 

Joe first got his start in armies back in February of 2020 when he heard about CPR, and since he played the OG CP a ton growing up he was very excited to play it again, a little later in March he was recruited into Rebel Penguin Federation by some penguins in-game, which happened to be his first army, Later in April he left, he kept playing CPR after that though and on July 26th he was recruited again on CPR, into The Help Force this time, to which he has stayed since.

Since joining HF Joe has worked his way up to the rank of 2ic within the last year and truly shows leadership skills within his community. He shows to possess the power which it would take to be Commander in his army learning a lot from his higherups! He’s definitely loyal to the Helpers and continues to serve his army. All the while making close bonds within his army. He shows dedication which there is no doubt that’ll continue when he steps into leadership. 

CP Army Headquarters got to talk to Joe about what he plans to do when he joins leadership and what we can expect to see from him going forward!

What has been your favorite thing since you joined the community?

I would say my favorite thing has been the people, i’ve made so many amazing friends and memories here that i’ll never forget.

If you became a leader tomorrow, what is one thing you would change about the army?

Nothing really, i like the current direction HF is going, i would just want to keep supporting HF and the staff team

What is your favorite thing about Help Force?

My favorite thing about Help Force, i would say everything hahah :pengudance: All of the people i met, all the tournaments and battles I’ve been to, big milestones, special events and so on.

Is there anything you want to let those at home (aka the readers know)

If you work hard enough, you can achieve any rank, remember to have fun and make some amazing memories

It seems like Joe is ready to step into leadership! He likes how HF is and doesn’t want to change a thing, and it seems like he’s going to continue to support his army and fellow and has made many

What do YOU think? Do you think Joe can take on the leader role in Help Force? How do you think HF would prosper under his leadership? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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