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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome back to Tea Time! Every week, we interview a famous personality in the army community to get all the gossip and tea about their time here. Today we take a look at our Associate Director, Sidie9! Hold your applause after the post.

Sidie9 first joined armies back in 2011 as a member of the Ice Warriors. She then created the AUSIA division and later became a leader of the Army of Club Penguin in 2015, before that Sidie9 became a leader for Golden Troops but only for a short stint. After returning to the community in 2019, Sidie9 created the People’s Imperial Confederation. After three generations of PIC, Sidie9 finally retired from the army community in 2021. During her career, she stacked a lot of achievements and helped the Confederates grow stronger.

Now it’s finally time to spill the tea with Sidie9!

Hey Sidie! Welcome to Tea Time! Could you introduce yourself first?

HELLO THERE! My name is Sidie9, but some refer to me as simply Jemma. I’ve been in this community for 10 years, in which I led the ACP and created PIC. Currently I’m the Associate Director of CPAHQ! Thank you so much for inviting me to your column 😛

It’s a pleasure having you here! So how did you get started in armies?

Some random person named… I think Iceyfeet1234? (you’ve probably never heard of him) He messaged me on a CP cheats xat.com chatroom and got me to join his small Ice Warriors army in 2011.
I then proceeded to create the first AUSIA division in my own army (Army of Darkness) with my friends from primary school. IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW there was no such thing as “AUSIA” events at the time and I couldn’t attend US or UK events. I ended up joined a bunch of armies because I thought I was hot sh*t and the rest is history!

:chewButMaxDrewIt: yea I totally never heard of Iceyfeet1234 (who even is he), but how does it feel being the creator of such a division?

It feels great, due to the royalties each army pays for using my idea I now live in a million dollar mansion by the ocean in Cuba. I get served White Russians by my personal servants and I ride a pure bred white stallion in my free time.

On a real note it feels humbling. I’m glad that the community adopted the idea and AUSIA has become more than just the dozen of my close friends that would log on together because they had no other option. I’m very happy to see how far the AUSIA community has grown!

LMAO fancy! What was your favorite moment as a leader in PIC?

My favourite memory as PIC leader would have to the the first battle in the CPAM Challengers Cup against the Aliens (sorry Spotty) in May of 2020. It was the first time PIC maxed more than 20 and we won 3-0! We were all so happy and the atmosphere was absolutely ecstatic, PIC had never won a battle before until then, and we even got to the finals of the tournament! We don’t talk about the finals. :smilexat:

Aside from that, I just enjoyed the tightly knit community atmosphere! Our HICOM was more close to each other than in any army I’d been in.

I- dhejcbhcjbvc. When did you think to yourself that you were finally happy with PIC and were proud to call it your own?

I think the moment I became proud of PIC and happy with what it had become was when people started calling it their home. Even in the short lived first generation in 2019, which was a splinter from the newly revived ACP (Mchappy I would totally like to take up your offer to be a colony from 2 years ago, hit me up ;P), people started to call PIC their home and had just as much investment in the community as I did. Knowing that brought me immense joy, I’m so happy that PIC has grown into the amazing community that so many know and love today!

Awwwwww, What moment stuck with you through the good and bad?

This answer is a bit sensitive so I’ll give an early warning (no funny business this time)! I think the period immediately after the Challengers Cup. PIC had fallen a lot due to the scandal and I was struggling a lot with my mental health. Not only was PIC disintegrating, but I had to go on leave because my grandfather passed away which severely impacted me and I indulged in substance abuse. Almost instantly following my leave PZF, RR and Templars declared war on us giving no time for PIC to recover. Everything seemed bleak and lost, yet my friends in PIC stood by me and helped me every step of the way. Phoebe led the army alone in the wars, it must have been so hard but I am immensely grateful to her and everyone who never gave up. The Water Vikings and Marines then joined the war on our side, knowing that they were bullying us in our darkest time, which I am so thankful for to this day. PIC was eventually shut down that August, but the strong spirit of everyone during that time and their support of me and the army is something I will never forget. Remembering that camaraderie and companionship helped to motivate me both in armies and in the real world.

I- Omg I’m so sorry :sob: Moving on, how has retirement been?

Retirement has been very based. I’m lucky my nurse hasn’t started feeding me through a tube yet, so the age doesn’t seem to be getting to me! I’m really enjoying my relatively new position as Associate Director at CPAHQ, which I joined after finally retiring from armies following my long stint in PIC. Though I’ve dabbled in army media work at points in time over the past 10 years, this is my first proper nosedive into admin work and helping to run an organisation (CPANN never happened, I don’t know who Shad is). It’s much less stressful than leading an army, but it’s definitely just as rewarding.

Bahaha, What’s one thing you learned through your time in armies over the years?

Anyways, I believe the one thing I learnt in armies over my time here was that it helped me to realise everyone is their own human being with thoughts, motivations, feelings and life. No one is “evil”! Go out there and meet people, enjoy every moment in this community while you can. The best part of the community to me is the people it consists of, even if it can be toxic sometimes (cough). Have fun out there!

Great advice I must say! So, tea or coffee person?

F*ck that’s hard. I’m going to say tea, it always feel calm afterwards! Coffee is good too though.

Very true. Anything you’d like to add before we end off the interview?

Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himse-

Okay, that’s-

Certainly some interesting answers! I must say interviewing Sidie was fun, let’s just not talk about the fact she left me mid-interview and I was panicking cause I didn’t know what to do bahaha. Other than that, her answers were just giving me a laugh in the night. I hope she’s living lavishly in her mansion from creating the AUSIA division.

What do YOU think? Is Sidie living her life in her mansion? Or is she getting old and getting feed through a tube? Let us know in the comments down below!


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