The Next Leader: Ugly

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Welcome back to this week’s edition of The Next Leader! Every week, we interact with one of the future leaders of our community. This week things heat up as we take a look at Ugly, a current Leader In Training in Fire Warriors!

Ugly started his army career in Aliens back in February 2020.  He was recruited by BP who then invited him to the Tree Cult the first army he became a leader in.  This was not for long, as Ugly left the Tree Cult after some controversy and was invited to Dark Champions by AustinFraud. He climbed his way up to leader in DC.  However, various factors caused the Dark Champions closed down and he made his way to the Fire Warriors, which is where he is today.  This allowed him to work with AustinFraud again.

Since joining the Fire Warriors, Ugly has made his way up to Leader In Training definitely learning a lot from his fellow leaders. He’s had leadership experience in the past so it definitely helps out in the army! He’s honed his skills in his time there, all the while making close bonds within.

CPAHQ decided to interview Ugly for his thoughts on leadership and what we can expect to see from him going forward in the Fire Warriors!

What has been your favorite memory since joining armies?

I had a lot of memories in my time around CPA, but if I had to pick my favorite memory it was the time Fire Warriors competed in the March Madness Tournament, maxing around 34 troops first round and almost taking victory in a tiebreaker against a major army, performing our absolute best in a long time.

If you became leader tomorrow, what is one thing you would do differently in the army?

The army by itself is perfect and doesn’t need any changes. Though I’ll try to make staff duties more interesting and make it not just surround mentoring and recruiting which would be kinda boring not gonna lie.

What is your favorite thing about Fire Warriors?

How great and special the community is. Everyone that I met throughout this army from troops to leaders has been really kind and incredible and it really made me feel astonished and welcoming. Arguably the best community I ever joined in my army career.

It seems like Ugly is ready to heat things up when he steps into leadership in the Fire Warriors. With the experience he has, and the friends he’s made along the way, he’s proven to be a big help to the tenured S/M army. After the retirement of Sweater not too long ago, perhaps Ugly’s time to shine will be sooner rather than later!

What do YOU think? Does Ugly have what it takes to up the heat in Fire Warriors? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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