SWAT Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Current Generation,

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters-  Legendary Army SWAT Celebrated the one-year anniversary of their current generation. Let’s see how they celebrated it.
Special Weapons and Tactics was founded back in 2009 by Ganger90. The community had come to see how strong this army has been since their creation back before discord was created. The army saw many generations before its current one, as they took a break from 2014-2020. When the early months of 2020 rolled around, SWAT reopened and was lead by Zuke, Sweater, Darklink, and S Cargo 2. This Gen also saw the army reaching maxes of 100 troops.

SWAT was involved in a conflict with the Doritos of Club Penguin and Ice Warriors, in which SWAT sided with their allies, the Ice Warriors, which saw a demotion of Dark, who was leading that generation. Shortly after that, Badboy joined as a leader and then decided to declare war on the Ice Warriors despite his disagreement with the rest of his leadership team. SWAT was not victorious. They didn’t win a single room the entire war. This war was an embarrassment to SWAT, who began losing motivation.

After the shutdown of Club Penguin Online, Armies were forced to migrate to a new CPPS. SWAT, along with most of the rest of the Army Community, decided to transition to Club Penguin Armies: The Game. As a result of their loss in the war with Ice Warriors and the transition to a new CPPS. This generation was led by Sweater, Sophy Bee, xfastx, and Sammidc. They were able to maintain sizes ranging from 20-30 troops.

Swat’s first event on CPATG

SWAT then went on to take part in the Sub-Zero Showdown, where they were pitted against the Penguin Army Force. The Penguin Army Force neglected to show up to the battle, rendering a SWAT Victory. These results were further looked into, and they showed that SWAT had allowed its First Responders, Firestar08, and Legoman to attend. The league noted that advisors weren’t allowed to attend, though SWAT does not have an advisor role within its discord server. Despite the other army not showing up, SWAT was disqualified.

The army faced many changes, such as The Eagre Foray, which was a war that took part between them and Water Vikings. They saw a new division pop up with the help of Zuke, who was able to add custom items into CPATG for the army, getting them a purple division.

Swat’s one-year anniversary.

Following the shutdown of Adobe Flash in December of 2020, armies were forced to find an alternative CPPS to continue. The Club Penguin Army Hub successfully partnered with Club Penguin Chapter 2 and transferred all of their army codes over, so it seemed like a viable option for SWAT, which didn’t last long as the game was lagging a lot.

CPA HeadQuarters reached out to SWAT Leader Legoman for an interview!


In your opinion what has been one of swats biggest accomplishments?

One of this generation of SWAT’s biggest accomplishments was definitely been re-obtaining the major army status and keeping it through the transition from flash to HTML5. This proves our immense adaptability and perseverance in the midst of unexpected situations. SWAT stayed strong and determined, and the real ones always pulled through for the fam. :mobties:

Is there anything you would change about the army?

There is nothing I would change about SWAT, we are strong and on the rise. :arrow_double_up: We have faced challenges and always persevered with our heads always held high. SWAT got our 100% legit muscles out here from tireless effort and unparalleled determination when all the naysayers out here on roids cause they can’t take our heat. :SWATLove:

What has been your favorite thing about swat’s new generation?

My favorite thing about SWAT’s modern generation has been the sense of community that is echoed triumphantly throughout the entire army. SWAT is truly a family and we all want to prevail together, not for one individual but for SWAT as a whole. We rise together, we fall together. SWAT Forever. :SWATForever:

Anything to say to the community?

This community is solely held up by SWAT’s rock hard abs. :100: We manage now and we are gonna manage until the end of time itself. Shoutout to all SWAT members past and present that make this army what it is today. Be prepared for a golden age. :SWATOneYearMedal: What you about rollin down in the deep? :muscle:

Since their creation swat has been dominating the army scene. What do they have planned for the years to come? 

What do YOU think? Will swat continue to be a powerhouse army or will it die with time. Let us know your thoughts down below.

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