6th Erranty War Ends in Templars Victory

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters –  On May 25th, the Templars announced victory against the Magma Clan fighting five battles against them.

On May 9th, the Templars army declared war on the Magma Clan. Magma Clan is a new army in the scene, created on May 8th with Lukey and Darklink leading the troops.

Templars War Terms

In their war declaration the Templars alleged that Magma Clan leader Darklink behaved in a racist manner. They also claimed that Darklink tried to bully their members and made attempts to coup the Knights’ leadership. According to their post, Darklink also made attempts to troopsteal HCOM members from their army. Towards the end of the post, they pacified the Magma Clan by admitting that their war was against Darklink and not Magma Clan as a whole.

Since the declaration, the armies faced each other on the battlefield a total of five times. It seemed the war was slowly edging towards its peak. However, on May 25th the Templars released a website post declaring victory in this war. It was also revealed that the two armies agreed to sign a peace treaty. The terms of this treaty can be seen below:

Templars and Magma Clan terms.

The CP Army Headquarters team got a hold of Templar’s leader Racecar for an interview on the matter.

What was the main reason for claiming this as a victory?

The reason why Templars are claiming victory is that we beat them in every battle we had with them. (Most of them were no-shows). But when they did show up we out maxed them by 20-25 troops and won the whole room.

In your opinion, what was the biggest turning moment during this whole war?

I think it was the first battle, the first battle was delayed because of a mascot showing up and DMT had to change the server. Magma went from having 15 to 6 troops and they didn’t even show up to the first room, but in the second room is where they showed up and it gave the leaders urgency to lead faster. With them only having 6 and us having around 30 it went smoothly from there. And then after that, we recruited around 100-200 people within the 2 weeks of the war.

This war certainly intrigued the members of our army community. The active battles and the banter between the two armies comes to an end as both move past this war. It will be interesting to see what the two sides do in the future.

Will Templars and Magma clan go to war again? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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