Top Ten Armies [5/16/21-5/22/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- A new army bursts onto the scene, causing a seismic shift throughout the standings.

1. Help Force [+1] [85.29]

2. Ice Warriors  [+1] [83.11]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] [80.24]

4. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [75.30] 

5. Silver Empire [+2] [53.77]

6. Script Kiddies [NEW!] [53.53]

7. Doritos [+1] [51.83]

8. Water Vikings [-3] [49.66]

9. Templars [-3] [47.70]

10. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [41.00]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Magma Clan [-1] [33.60]

12. People’s Imperial Confederation [-1] [30.80]

13. Fire Warriors [-1] [29.54]

14. Red Ravagers [-1] [26.04]

15. Golden Troops [-1] [17.36]

16. Sidie´s Rangers [NEW!] [15.00]

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1. Help Force: The Help Force saw a total of 8 events this week, starting off with a max of 51  penguins at a Stamp Expedition. Next, the army held an AUSIA Capture the flag event with the Red Ravagers, maxing 33 in the process. The Helpers then saw a total of 35 log on for a US event.  Then, a whopping 60 members from the Force logged on for a mock-defense against the Templars. 41 troops logged on for an AUSIA the next day. This was followed up by a branch battle with RR, where they maxed 40 Helpers. The army then held another AUSIA maxing 60 penguins! To end off the week they saw 47 troops log on for a Return Of The Wild West event.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a short but powerful week with 6 events. They started the week with a mountain expedition where 47 brave adventurers sought out to climb the mountain. They then held a hide and seek event peaking at 66 troops online. Next, they dressed up as pizza chefs and celebrated a pizza party, with 49 other warriors turned chefs. A practice battle against the Red Ravagers then took place, where 43 troops showed up prepared to fight. Finally, the last event of the week was another practice battle against the Special Weapons and Tactics, recording a height of 41 online.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation continued being busy with 9 events in this week as well. Firstly they held an Operation: Apron Action AUSIA event, where they maxed 39. Next was a stealthy US event with 41 troops in attendance. An EU event hereafter recorded a max of 38 troops, before the army returned to AUSIA events wearing mermaid costumes, maxing 38 once more. The following Operation: Throwback Thursday EU event saw the rebels put out some classic outfits and tactics, maxing a healthy 50 troops. Soon after they conducted another US fashion show event, this time being prehistoric themed with 45 troops competing to be the best-dressed. Another AUSIA event succeeding this had 44 rebels attending. Then an EU/US branch event saw 49 troops compete in a ‘capture the flag’ game format. The RPF then held one last EU/US event to close out the week, this time maxing a sweet 41 troops.

4. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin who is presently at war with the Doritos saw a total of 7 events this week. They started with an Invasion of Summit maxing 41. Followed by Operation: Green war practice event maxing 38. Next was the Defense of Mammooth maxing 50. They then invaded Slushy maxing 35. After that they celebrated One Year of ACPTR maxing 30. They held a Back to the Past event maxing 39 before ending the week by Defending Brumby, where they maxed 32.

5. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire had a busy week with a grand total of 7 events. They started their week with a Treasure Hunt, where 25 people showed up to find the treasure. Next they held a hide and seek event, with 25 seekers trying to find wiggly. Following, a Hydro Hopper tournament was held where 21 people competed for the number one spot. Later the same day, a practice battle was held against the People’s Imperial Confederation, maxing 23. Another Practice Battle was then held, this time against the Water Vikings, where the Silvers saw a peak of 23 online. The Empire then decided to make some pizzas with 24 chefs showing off their pizza making skills. Finally, a band of 25 explorers decided to explore the island.

6. Script Kiddies: The Script Kiddies held a total of 8 events in their first week. They started it off with an AUSIA Operation Blackout maxing a total of 25. Following this, they saw yet another AUSIA maxing 17 troops. Next, the Kiddies saw a third AUSIA maxing 18. Yet another AUSIA followed this one, seeing 24 troops in attendance. They again maxed 24 for their 5th AUSIA event of the week.  The next day, SK had a UK event the next day maxing 17.  They hosted their final AUSIA event later, maxing 22 in the process. To end off the week, the army saw 19 Kiddies for a US event.


7. Doritos: The Doritos had 4 events in another war week. The week started off with the Doritos defending their capital Summit against the Army of CP in a UK event, maxing 36 troops. Next they invaded Mammoth against the ACP with 40 troops in attendance. Then 18 troops battled defending their territory Slushy against the ACP in a US event, before heading on to invade Brumby against their opponent in an AUSIA event. 16 troops were present in this battle.

8. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had a active week with a total of 7 events this week. First they held a Roller Disco Party event maxing 25. This was followed by a Spy Takeover event maxing 17 & a Explorer Takeover event maxing 26. They then held a Football Tournament maxing 24 & a Find Four tournament maxing with Silver Empire maxing 15. After that they had a Practice Battle against Fire Warriors maxing 23. They ended their week with a Asteroid Takeover event maxing 18.

9. Templars: The Templars kicked off their week with a war battle against Magma Clan, with 25 troops showing up ready to win. They then held a practice battle against the Help Force, maxing 21. Following this, they held another invasion against the Magma Clan, with 30 knights showing up. To finish off the week, they held a Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors and the Special Weapons and Tactics, peaking at 25 online.

10. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics spent this week preparing for future wars & held a total of 4 events this week. The first was a War Training event maxing 26. Followed by another War Training event maxing 22.  This lead to sizes of 25 against the Ice Warriors in a practice battle on Saturday.  SWAT concluded their week with one final training, where they maxed 20 troops.

This week, both the Help Force and the Ice Warriors had brilliant weeks, but the Helpers edged out the Icemen, notably hosting an extra two events.  The Rebel Penguin Federation also had an admirable week, but failed to keep pace with HF and IW, causing them to drop two spots.  The Silver Empire bounced back up to 5th after falling to 7th last week.  Their performance was just enough to edge out the new kids on the block: the Script Kiddies.  SK took an interesting approach to the week, hosting a total of six AUSIA events.  This caused armies to reach uncharacteristically low places, such as the Water Vikings and the Templars, who both dropped three spots.  The appearance of the Kiddies also pushed the Magma Clan outside of the Top Ten, who were hoping to maintain their spot.
What do you think?  Who will take the pole position next time?  How will the Script Kiddies fair in their second week?  Let us know in the comments below!
CP Army Headquarters Director in Chief
Top Ten Committee
Action, Ferd, Rach, TD999

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  1. Jayde (GERMS LEADER) May 23, 2021 (3:24 pm)

    Germs maxed 488394873782889288929828987377984467473573587 this week, I think it got hacked to not be on TT, can anyone fix it

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