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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome back to this week’s edition of the immensely popular column “The Next Leader”! Every week, we interact with one of the future leaders of our community. Today we talk to Dman, a current 2ic in Silver Empire. What are his plans for leadership and what can we expect to see from him.

Dman started in Pirates in April 2020, stayed for about two weeks before he left for personal reasons. He didn’t come back to armies until he was asked by SubZero to help set up a little thing that would eventually become SubZero Army League. Feeling like he wanted to expand his army career so he began the Biscuits, which eventually merged into the Elite Force of CP in early July. He stayed there until September, which is when they merged into Silver Empire. Following the merge, he began staffing as Fourth in Command in October soon after.

He now sits as Second in Command in the Silver army as it’s definitely been a learning experience for him. He hadn’t had any staffing experience in any known big armies, so SE was probably the first army in that department. As he grew in this little community, He picked up leadership skills from Amber to the point where at times they’d share the same brainwave. Of course, it’s really the people that made it special and he’s happy that he picked SE as his next army.

CP Army Headquarters decided to interview Dman for his thoughts on leadership and what we can expect to see from him going forward.

Whats’s been your favorite thing about armies since you joined? 

In total? I honestly don’t know. I think that one of my favorite parts of armies would be the odd tournaments that happen here and there. Both organizing tournaments and participating in them have been equally fun, especially because of the excitement of what comes next. You never know what’s going to happen, and that’s what I find really amazing.

        If you became leader tomorrow, What is one thing you would change about the army? 

I don’t have any changes which I’d like to enact as soon as I become leader. I think it would be safe to keep things as they currently are since it’s what we’re all used to and frankly gets the most out of us. Maybe I’d fix Mee6 though.

    What’s been the best memory from Silver Empire?

The most recent one I’ve made! In a recent event with our lovely Viking allies, I decided we all should jump on the boat in the secret mountain expedition room because I had a dumb idea for a tactic – “Row row row your boat, gently on the ice”. We couldn’t stop laughing for a solid 3-4 minutes at max :absolutepleasure:

Where do you see yourself in 3 months? Do you have any goals for the army until then?

I doubt I’ll still be here in 3 months time, but frankly, if there was one thing that I’d like to get done by then, it would simply be keeping our current relationships afloat with our existing allies – as well as possibly attempting to repair some broken ones that have been made.

If you could only use one emote, which one would it be and why?

   Ooh, that’s a hard one. Probably :uhhh: , definitely shows when you’ve faced a stupid moment in your life (which happens to me a lot :uhhh: ) Either   that or something that’s a random fact which may or may not be partly embarrassing

It seems like Dman has what it takes it step into leadership in Silver, with the memories he’s made along the way and helping out within the army. When will the bri-ish man join Silver leadership? 

What do YOU think? Do you think Dman is ready for leadership? Let us know in the comment section below!

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