CPAHQ Special Report: Clovers Crash Doritos-SWAT Practice Battle; Tempers Flaring

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- After yesterdays gripping events between the Doritos and the Army of Club Penguin, the situation has continued to escalate after a practice battle between DCP and SWAT was raided by ACP.  A newly invigorated DCP side has promptly announced their intentions to fight back with full force.

On the 12th of May, Doritos legend Jester released a post on the DCP website.  Entitled Eviscerating The Clover, the longtime army veteran called upon the Army of Club Penguin, who were brother allies to DCP at the time, ultimately requesting ACP to unban Bam117, who formerly led the Clovers.  The post has since been deleted, but can be viewed HERE using Wayback Machine.  In addition to revoking Bam’s ban, Jester also went on to state what DCP would do if the request was not met, all the while underhandedly claiming that ACP shunned his army during the Black Ice Alliance war:

If the Army of Cp will not share the same respect as we have to our allied section of HoF then we will cease to recognize all of ACP’s contributions to this army. Which to be fair diminished after shunning us with our war with BIA by completely leaving us to die upon many other times where they never had our back like we had theirs through-out the years.


Now, If ACP is willing to unban Bam from ACP we would absolutely forget this ever happened but until then we will not tolerate maltreatment of our own.

-Jester, DCP Legend

Bam117 first received promotion to the Army of Club Penguin leadership position on May 27th, 2015.  He inherited the reins to an army that was in a free fall, regularly topping out at sizes of 20 troops in events.  ACP spent plenty of time in the headlines during his first summer of commandeering, but not just for the fact that the army had been improving.  A small group within the Clovers began to campaign for Bams removal, claiming that he was an ‘agent of the Doritos’, as Bam had been removed from DCP months before his promotion.  ACP’s public perception had been built on years of history, creating a professional look for the army that was not very common.  Bam was much more laid back than previous leaders of the Clovers, causing slight tension between Bam and former soldiers.

Army of Club Penguin battling the Ice Warriors in the 2015 Legends Cup under Bam’s leadership.

Ultimately, Bam retired on August 8th, 2015, citing the need to focus on his schooling.  In a post released by Club Penguin Army Central, many statements gathered from ACP soldiers and community members showed that Bam was a talented leader, but not necessarily someone that fit in to the mantra that ACP had built up over the course of their lifespan.  The full post can be read HERE.  Bam would return to the army on January 4th, 2016, but resigned almost five months later.  This stint as leader also experienced it’s fair share of drama, with the same disgruntled feelings from Bam’s last go-around as leader.

All of this made the claim that Bam had been banned from the Army of Club Penguin Discord server somewhat plausible, if one would believe that old beef had become the catalyst for this new aggression.  However, two days after Eviscerating The Clover, ACP responded with a full declaration of war, which can be read HERE, while also denouncing the claim that Bam was banned from the Discord server.

Bam left the server of his own accord. No one was banned. I can only then postulate the reason for which this post was written – and it was to come up with any excuse to publicly show hatred towards our army.

-Csy, Army of Club Penguin Leader

It becomes clear that the post released by Jester was the ‘final straw’ for the Army of Club Penguin, as Csy also goes on to detail previous discrepancies with the Doritos since their return on May 2nd.  CPAHQ reporter df44 examined the declaration from ACP, which can be viewed HERE.  DCP also went on to respond to the post that their former brother allies released (click HERE to read it in full).  This is covered in the aforementioned report as well.  At the end of the response from the Chips, they stated that they remain hopeful for good relations with the Clovers:

At the end of the day, we are with our brother allies. We have been with our allies since day one. Our relationship with the people of ACP, we believe, is very strong. Many of the former staff team even enlisted in ACP and contributed hours of their time for ACP during March Madness. We want to issue a formal apology to members who were hurt and disappointed for not taking the necessary action needed fast enough. Like we said before, we do understand why the Army of Club Penguin is upset at us for not taking faster action against these incidents sooner. However, this miscommunication, we believe is just a small bump and hopefully our brotherhood remains strong.

-The Doritos Leadership

This sentiment was not reciprocated by the Army of Club Penguin.  The practice battle between the Doritos and SWAT saw ACP make an unexpected appearance.  After it’s conclusion, some raised the question that by intruding on SWAT, the Clovers had broken their own force treaty from the Flash Nemesis War.  However, inspection of the treaty shows that the treaty had expired after March 31st, 2021.

ACP, DCP, and SWAT fight in an inadvertent three way battle.

CPAHQ reached out to SWAT leader Mare for a comment on the raid from the Army of Club Penguin, as well as Csy for a clarification on if the raid was any message to SWAT:

CSY, I recruited you off of Club Penguin. I brought you into armies. DCP was your home army. How dare you… sell out like the rest of ACP. You guys are nothing.


Not at all, I messaged Mare afterwards too to clarify that the raid was against DCP and not SWAT, though some banter did occur between our two armies.


After the raided practice battle, the Doritos ‘re-released’ the Eviscerating the Clover post, which can be read HERE.  This time, the post was written by Mustapha.  Combined with a barrage of impact font memes about the Army of Club Penguin, Mustapha renounces the previous, tamer stance that the DCP leadership had adopted.  After stating that the claims made by ACP were not supported by the DCP leadership, Mustapha goes on to state:

We’re done being the nice guys. We went as far as to encourage troops to go and join ACP during periods of closures, including recently during the March Madness tournament where ACP had full support of DCP’s former staff team. We even went further to help ACP, so much so, that we took away the essence of the DCP Family who would stay together through thick and thin. They have been a massive disservice to the Doritos Empire. We will no longer tolerate ACP. Their attempts to bully the DCP will be answered with the full wrath of the Doritos Empire.

This is how we all were repaid. We gave the ACP hours and hours of our time on recruiting and attending their events, but we were only repaid by the ACP trying to not only manipulate, but take advantage of OUR army. They want to control US! You must fight for your liberty, for your freedom. You must now fight to be an army!

DEFCON 1 – In recent days we have been betrayed by our so called “Brothers”. Cowardly move most would say, and as a result the Doritos Empire hereby enters war. Harsh repercussions are coming to those who challenge us. The Doritos war machine has awakened.


They [ACP] make it a point to specifically bully smaller armies. That ends here. We will be the ones to put ACP in their place and end their baseless bullying of smaller armies and their attempts to control people as they did with SWAT, WV, Templars, ect. We can see that it is not courage that compelled the ACP. It’s fear. Now they shall fear the shield. As for the innocent people in the ACP – if I were you, it’s not too late to join the power of the shield. Join an army who won’t backstab their friends and break friendships and relationships just to get an advantage. ACP, you thought you would be slick and have an easy war by declaring on the Doritos, but unfortunately, you are incorrect.

This conflict is an unprecedented one- there has never been a war directly between the Doritos and the Army of Club Penguin.  For most of the community’s history, DCP has sided with ACP (and vice versa) on just about every conflict.  What has transpired is a massive turning point.  Not only for both armies, but for the community as a whole.  The potential ramifications of the two sides splitting up eases the pressure that once was on the radar of the Black Ice Alliance, which consists of the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Ice Warriors.  In 2020, the four armies squared off multiple times with the entire community watching.

After such a turnaround in plans, CPAHQ reached out to Doritos leader, Rah, for an interview.

After DCP’s initial response to ACP’s declaration, it appeared that DCP was going to attempt to make amends.  Could you tell me about that process, if it happened at all?

It was definitely an adventure because we were trying our absolute best to communicate with ACP and hopefully get things resolved after the declaration of war occurred. We wanted to take further action and figure it out with ACP even after our response.

So ACP was persistent in their desire for a war?

We plan on bringing nothing but hype for the days coming. As well as gathering everyone to come together as a family and become a force to be reckoned with.

So is there still hope within the DCP HCOM that a good relationship with ACP is salvageable?

We sure hope so, guess we’ll see in the days coming 😉

Anything else you would like to say?

Bang Bang Doritos Gang :BangBangDoritoGang:

CPAHQ also reached out to Csy to see if he could share any details about the newest post from the Doritos.  If ACP releases a response post, CPAHQ will add it to this post as soon as possible.

I’m sure ACP is drafting up a response to the recently released post from Mustapha as we speak.  Is there anything you could tell us right now, though?

If that’s how they want to play it, so be it.

The post released by Mustapha and the interview with Rah seem to show two different thoughts of camp within the Doritos.  As DCP previously mentioned, the words of veterans of the army do not correlate with the plans or the sentiment of the current leaders.  This very conundrum is what caused issues with the Army of Club Penguin, so it is unclear whether the same principle applies to Mustapha or not.  At the very least, the two armies appear to be barreling towards multiple battles against each other, with the first battle slated for May 16th at 3 PM EST.

The Army of Club Penguin has come under fire in the past week, in part of Lord Pain’s renewed involvement within the community.  As a former leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Lord Pain became infatuated by a rivalry with ACP.  These laurels are still something he holds close to him to this day, as he has launched anti-ACP rhetoric in various army Discord servers.  Commonly referred to as ‘the Pain Wars’, Lord Pain released a post on the 12th of May claiming that a second version of the war will take place eventually, listing a multitude of reasons as to why he thinks ACP must be ended:

They [ACP] are the source of every world war and problem that this community has ever faced. They leech off their allies and use them to protect themselves in conflicts that they can not handle on their own. There are ACP agents planted in every significant organization within armies. No body of power within this community should have that much power. As long as one body of power does have that power and vision within the community it causes a range of issues for every other army. I have always envisioned a community where the top ten is balanced and no one army is in any position for too long. This is unavoidable for at least one army because we can not limit how strong an army can become.


The ACP is a disgusting army that takes no responsibility for the damage they have done and all of their troops are mostly ignorant of the damage they have caused from every world war. For as long as this community has existed this community and its armies have always lived and died behind Anti ACP vs. Pro ACP principles. This never ending cycle must come to an end if this community is to evolve to the next stage in its evolution.

While ACP hasn’t ‘officially’ come out against these claims, Lord Pains post sparked debate throughout the community.  Members from every army, as well as veterans, have chimed in on Lord Pain’s words.  The connotation that has come with these anti-ACP arguments has certainly increased the spotlight on the entire conflict.  The response from ACP starkly contrasts that of DCP, as their intentions have been clear due to the events of this week.  The Clovers believe that the criticism of their army has crossed the line and become slander.  While the Doritos don’t clearly align with what Lord Pain has said, it’s undeniable that the combination of the two events have brought the conflict to the forefront of the community; flaws and all.  It’s reminiscent of armies from years ago, where everyone wants to add their own two cents.

With speculation abound, CPAHQ decided to interview Lord Pain to truly encapsulate this Special Report.


First things first; do you have any plans to get involved within the Doritos rankings?

I’m always open to a return alongside Mustapha10 but I don’t think he has intentions to rejoin.

What do you think is going to unfold during the course of this war?

I think DCP is going to shine brightly in this war and achieve the legendary act of competing and winning against a top 3 army with only a few events since their return. Hate speech about ACP is running rampant through this community. Just like in the Pain Wars, ACP will fold under pressure and many will army hop from ACP because the evidence has clearly been laid out that they want to bully small armies instead of facing challenges. This is the second time in history ACP has turned on its brother ally. They turned against GT and now they’re turning against DCP. They can’t hide their true face but they’re going to paint themselves as innocent. Unfortunately for them, no one is that naive.

What do you have to say about the claims ACP has made against DCP? Do you think DCP is at any fault for the current conflict?

No they aren’t. ACP is hated by everyone. The vast majority of this community wants them dead and for good reason. They’re behind every world war. This community and it’s armies live and die by anti ACP vs pro ACP beliefs. The only way to separate ourselves from this trend is the death of ACP. DCP has the right to say whatever they want about ACP. This is a warfare community and they need to use the proper role play to incite war and motivate the troops and show them they’re fighting for a cause. ACP spent its entire relationship with DCP since 2010 stealing its troops and in every single conflict ACP had they wanted DCPs help, and DCP always gave it.  But ACP has never helped DCP. Their own veteran released a post about ACP leaving DCP to die.

Do you think that some attacks/criticsms against ACP have gone too far? Surely there should be some level of civility to this current conflict, no?

No, the ACP has spent the majority of its existence committing major atrocities, even against its own allies. They turned against GT for a top ten position and released a story about Riotors being a hacker or doxer or something along those lines, and then later released a statement saying it was a lie, but only after Riotors was bullied by the community unfairly. You have to look at what we are. We are a community built for warfare. There is civility and friendship in our own armies. We have to use the proper role play to get soldiers ready to fight for our armies or armies are boring and then they lose troops and die. That’s just what it is. We are in an us vs. them army world for the sake of survival- for the sake of keeping interest in what we are and what we do with our troops. They must have fire in their hearts so they’re motivated to come online, recruit, attend events, and help their leaders keep their armies alive and evolve this community into the next generation. Whatever it takes to influence these feelings, there really is no line. Use whatever amount of violence necessary that is war.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Commando717 and the RPF leadership; it’s time for my return. You know what we have to do.


Our community is bounded together by the things that transpire within.  Whether it’s good or bad, aggression will always arise out of the gameplay aspect of armies.  Regardless of the subject matter, it is important not to lose sight in the community we want to foster.  As we get closer and closer to the summer, those of us who are in the community right now have a responsibility to uphold; a responsibility to show the new faces that join this world what we are.  This is a responsibility of reality.  Wars have always come with a certain level of vitriol to them, but that is not an excuse to attack others with language from outside of the world we have fostered.  In the coming days, enjoy the battles that unfold.  Get immersed by the foundations of our community.  Become a person of change within this community.  But, do it with a grounded level of clarity that we are all on this journey together, regardless of army rivalries.

CPAHQ sends our strength to all of those currently effected by the conflict in the Middle East.  We condemn any usage or tolerance of the conflict to prove a point about some made up online argument.  If you are able, please donate to the Medical Aid for Palestinians, you can change the currency to the U.S. Dollar or the Euro once you select an amount.


CPA Headquarters Director in Chief

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    I couldn’t care less. It’s like watching two drug addicts fight. both horrible armies. Multilog city

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      You seem like a very official person

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    this may seem like a dumb question but does the raid count in the war score? It wasn’t really judged by a CPAHQ judge

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      That’s up to the armies I suppose. Personally I wouldn’t count it but I also don’t hate the idea of counting it.

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