Tea Time! Featuring: CPAHQ Director in Chief DMT

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to Tea time! Every week, we interview a famous personality in the army community to get all the gossip and tea about their time here. Today we take a look at our very own Director in Chief, DMT for his thoughts!  Please hold your applause to the end of the post.

DMT started his army career in 2010 with the Club Penguin Crew. After rising through the ranks to Second In Command, DMT left the army when he wasn’t promoted further. Soon after the Crew, DMT worked as a 3ic in the Nachos. However, he left the army soon to form his own short-lived army, the Rockstars of Club Penguin. After the failure of RCP, he worked in both Striking Raiders and Redemption Force, before ultimately becoming leader of the Army Republic in 2015.
In 2016 after a temporary leave, DMT revived the Striking Raiders with Rocky25678. Striking Raiders unofficially died and DMT took a short break.  He returned in July and joined Army of Club Penguin as his final army before Club Penguin closed down.. Then in 2019, he got contacted about a CP Armies Reunion server on Discord. He then made Club Penguin Origins Army News but rebranded to Club Penguin Armies. He ran it until it shut down in February 2020.
Now it’s time to spill the tea with DMT!

Hey DMT! Welcome to Tea Time! Could you maybe introduce yourself first?


Okay Mr.”You know who I am”, how did you get started in armies?

Well, I was in the club penguin crew back in like 2010-2011ish but I was very uninvolved in things. I would legit only attend events cause the chat rooms scared me lol. I really got into armies in January 2013 when I joined the nachos. Spent most of the year in that army and trying to make my own and failing every single time

Same :sob: chat rooms always scare me. Why did you want to make your own army and how many times did you try?

Oh boy.  It’s hard to remember my exact desires in the moment but it was honestly probably just cause I had too much free time. I made a couple friends in the community and wanted to do more than just being a member/mod in a giant armies like nachos were at the time. One of those friends was Color50/flame, and he led a small army called the Dark Knights. I didn’t even know SMAC was a thing, so him introducing me to all that was like a ‘Pandoras box’ moment.
I started out with the Turtles, named after myself obviously, but I don’t think they even had an event. I then made the Rockstars, which was a pretty small army, only maxing around 10-15. The Rockstars were actually a spin off army I made with a guy from the Crew in 2011 when they closed down, but it didn’t do much then.
After learning how hard it is to make an army from scratch I started to join some preestablished armies. ‘Army hopping’ was the term, it was much more common in Disney era than it is now.

Sob. Moving on, what is the best memory you can recall from all those armies?

There’s a lot of good memories that I never really have talked about before cause it was within the s/m community. I think getting my big break in Striking Raiders was probably my ‘crowning moment’, as our leadership (me, Delirious, and Midnightwave) got SR to 10th on CPAC and then 9th the next week. Pretty sure it was the first time the army ever made it onto CPAC, def the first time it was back to back.
After that I joined Redemption Force as a 3ic which was a very exciting time. Soon after I joined we went to war with the Light Troops and I actually got to lead a battle all by myself, which we won. Both RF and SR had such great environments, I could go on and on ab the fun times I had with the people in those two armies.

That’s so sweet! What about news sites and army leagues? what’s the history there?

When I joined Redemption Force, the CEO of Club Penguin Army Focus (Joeymaster41) was also in the army, so I would view his site often. He asked if I had any interest in reporting, so that’s how my media career began. After a couple weeks at CPAF, Superoo13 emailed me offering a reporting job at CPAC. I was ecstatic, but it was short lived. The workplace at CPAF was so much more laid back than CPAC, you could pretty much do whatever you want lol. When I got to CPAC I started doing all these things without communicating at all, so I ended up getting fired in like two weeks. Superoo encouraged me to go work for SMAC, which I did and that really helped me get a grip on media.
Once I had risen up in SMAC a bit I admittedly got really cocky and overvalued myself. I switched to SMAP (formerly CPAF) and took on a bunch of things there while also writing philosophy for CPAC. Then I left SMAP/CPAC because I got one bad review on a post, so that kinda tells you what a d*ck I became lol.
Went back to SMAC and became CEO for a while, and then BACK to CPAC when SMAC closed down… my start with leagues are a much less chaotic story :skull:

A lol with a period, never thought there would be a day where I had to see that again; but that is a lot! Other than armies and news sites, what do you do in your free time usually?

Aint nothing wrong with lol. Lol. See what I did there? Lol.
Aside from video games obviously, I really enjoy watching and playing sports. I also like writing, which is why I’m still here doing media.

Hngrjcnjdfnhfrj sob. Any favorite columns in CPAHQ as of right now?

Your column is already the best one since I am in it.
But really though, I love the Army in Focus column. I think that sort of analyzation of the previous week an army had is brilliant. It’s really interesting to see what led them to being the army in focus, whether they had a historic week or a tumultuous one. Of course, I also love Back to the Dawn. Super and Coolster do a fantastic job; every post has such care and attention to detail. We’re very lucky to have their talent here.

LMAO, I thought you would say your own column. Anyway, any upcoming secret columns that maybe we could know about? :eyes:

If i had a secret column and I told you about it, would it be a secret column?
No but I’m still gonna tell ya. If you didn’t make it to the end of our post at the beginning of the previous week, you might’ve missed out on a certain something that’s coming soon :eyes: do with that what you will.

Well folks you saw it yourself!  Now, how did the term “biased DMT” started?

Lol really ever since I was an admin at CPA. When the first LGA vs RFCP (ruh roh!) war happened, RFCP would always call me bias whenever they didn’t get their way cause I led LGA back in like 2014. After a bit I kinda just embraced it cause there will always be those claims even when there’s no basis for them. Really started to become a big meme when the #copypasta channel was made in the CPA discord.

LMFAO I love that. In your opinion, who’s the best staff member in CPAHQ? better spill some tea

Best staff member in terms of work output has gotta be Scorp. He goes above and beyond with pretty much anything he does for us. Our staff in general has been very active, but Scorp is so involved with a lot of things going on here. I’d also like to give credit to our entire mod team. General chat has gone so much better than I expected it to go and they deserve all the credit.

Go scorpi! Okay before I look biased towards Scorp which I totally am let’s move on. Tea or coffee person?

I hate both.

Hurt. Anything you’d like to say before I end our interview?

See ya next week! You got 26 more editions of tea time with DMT until you can interview anyone else.

Torture. Torture. Save me please.

As a Director in Chief, DMT definitely holds a lot of responsibilities in CPAHQ. He also has a lot of history with armies dating back to 2010. Let’s hope he’s not that cruel to make me interview him 26 more times.
What do YOU think? Who do you wanna see featured next? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments down below!
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