Clover Chip Bash – Army of Club Penguin Declares War on the Doritos

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On May 14th, the Army of Club Penguin declared war on their brother allies Doritos of Club Penguin. What led to this declaration? What was the answer given by the Doritos?

On May 14th, the Army of Club Penguin declared war on Doritos of Club Penguin in a website post. Here are the terms of the war taken from the post:

Terms of the War

The Army of Club Penguin was created by Oagalthorp on September 29th, 2006, on the Miniclip forums becoming one of the oldest, and largest armies. On September 29, 2019, the army was revived under Chainpro with the permission of Mchappy.

The Doritos of Club Penguin was created by Wwebestfan on February 8th, 2010. It soon became one of the strongest armies in history. Their last generation shut down after the end of flash and the army was revived just a few weeks ago.

DCP’s first war was precisely against the Army of Club Penguin, and during that war, the Doritos defended many of their servers, while only losing a few. By that time, ACP was one of the strongest armies in Club Penguin warfare, hitting consistent sizes of 60. After the war, DCP and ACP became brother allies, until this war declaration.

War battle between ACP and DCP (March 20th, 2010)

Declaration of War

In a war declaration with three parts, ACP starts by mentioning Lord Pain and his actions. Lord Pain is a retired CP Army Veteran, and a member of the community since 2009. He held the Legend title at the Rebel Penguin Federation and Golden Troops.

Earlier this week, Lord Pain released a controversial post entitled “The Pain Wars 2 Will Happen” expressing his anger towards the Army of Club Penguin. That post, which announced a possible return of Pain to armies, sometimes refers to the terms death and other violent words. Pain has been often seen in army chats in the last few days. ACP presented a screenshot of Pain chatting in the DCP server in which, according to them he threatens ACP leaders to death.

An excerpt from Lord Pain’s post

In the second part of the declaration, an in-real-life war conflict is a dominant subject. The Israel-Palestine Crisis is an ongoing armed conflict and “is well on the way to becoming one of the worst spasms of violence there in recent memory”(1). In a time where the whole world is still trying to figure out what exactly is happening right now in that armed conflict, our army community members seem to present analogies between real-world conflicts and CP army conflicts. The Clover Defenders even presented and condemned a series of screenshots of Doritos and Underground Mafias Army veterans comparing ACP to Israel and Syria.

In the third and last part of the declaration, the Army of Club Penguin mentions a post from May 12th made by Jester, Doritos Legend, on the official DCP website. In that post entitled “Eviscerating the Clovers”, Jester accuses ACP of extremism towards Bam117, another DCP Legend, by banning him from the server. Jester also mentions the BIA war and how according to him ACP “left them to die”. The post was later removed, but an archived version can be found here. ACP claimed that they did not ban Bam117 and presented screenshots that according to them prove it.

An excerpt from “Eviscerating the Clovers”

To find out more about the state of this war, CP Army Headquarters reached out to Shira, Doritos Leader, and CSY, ACP Commander-in-chief.

Shira: Well, we are making a post about it and clearing things up. We have no interest in a war with our brother allies. This is miscommunication.

CSY: Many of our higher command members, and as a DCP veteran myself, are friends with people over at the Doritos. Like mentioned in the war declaration, we didn’t take many screenshots during the entire DCP main-chat incident where ACP’s actions was being compared to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, because we had no plans to use it later on. However, with the public post condemning the ACP on their website, it became harder and harder to just ignore everything. We declared war to stick up for ourselves, when those that were supposed to be our friends wouldn’t.

Doritos Response

After we reached out to both leaders, the Doritos issued a Response to ACP in which they formally apologize to the Army of Club Penguin. Doritos states that the actions that led ACP to declare war was committed by legends and veterans. Therefore, not enlisted members and not representative of the army’s points of view as a whole.

They stated that as soon as they realized Lord Pain’s comments towards ACP, he was banned from their chatroom. And that about Jester’s post, it doesn’t reflect DCP Leader’s opinions and that he did it on his own accord. The leaders added that they tried to reach out to ACP leadership to explain what exactly happened but they had no response.

An excerpt from the Doritos Response

CP Army Headquarters was able to reach out to both armies again. This time we talked with Mchappy, ACP acting POG, and Rah, Doritos Leader. We asked a question to each one.

After the Doritos response does ACP still plan to move on with the war?

Mchappy: As far as I know, ACP plans to move forward in some way with the war.


If ACP proceeds with the war, will DCP enter it?

Rah: All I can say is we’re discussing our options, everyone will receive the answer to that in due time. Fear the shield.

This declaration certainly came as a surprise for the whole community, considering the old and strong alliance between DCP and ACP. In the next few days, we will most likely see new updates on this conflict.

What do YOU think of this situation? Will the Doritos and ACP battle each other or solve this conflict diplomatically? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Headquarters Reporter


CP Army Headquarters Editor

1 – Quoted from IGC, United Nations. (14-05-2021)

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    I still can’t believe they’re at war. It stinks. I hope DCP and ACP can resolve this soon. I hate this war.

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