Bailey Ravages Her Way Into Leadership!

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Red Ravagers underwent a series of changes this week. Following MermaidBri’s retirement from leadership, Baileybear stepped up to hold the reins of the army. Who is Bailey, and what can we expect from her?

Bailey began her army career in 2013 with the Light Troops. At the time, Light Troops was led by Waterkid, Elmikey, and Dr.Matt. Incidentally, when the army couped Dr.Matt, Bailey left the army as a show of support for her favorite leader.

After leaving the Light Troops, Bailey decided to explore other armies. She served as a mod in a few armies and remained enlisted in even more. In contrast to a typical ‘army hopper’, she stayed active in several armies at once, calling herself an ‘army spreader’. In 2014, she met Ares, who recruited her into Dark Bandits. Eventually, Ares and Bailey would go on to become close friends. She also met Zamb during her tenure with the Bandits. 

Soon, Bailey focused on the Bandits as her main army. She strived hard to make her way up the ranks. The Bandits became Bailey’s home until 2015, when her family moved away from their current home to a place with limited internet. This effectively cut her army career short. However, she never forgot about her friends and the army and regularly checked the Dark Bandits website to relive her memories.

After a five year hiatus, Bailey noticed a website post on the Dark Bandits website. Surprisingly, the post announced the revival of the Dark Bandits. Bailey joined this and thus returned to armies on May 7th, 2020. After the Bandits died, Bailey dual enlisted with the Red Ravagers and Army of Club Penguin. Bailey immediately became a Mod in Training in Red Ravagers and earned the 5th Ravager of the Week award. What made this significant was that moderators did not typically receive this award. Over the next many months, she rose through the ranks and became Second in Command on December 14th, 2020. Around the same time, she earned the title of Red Hero on Red Ravagers’ Hall of Fame.

Max promoting Bailey to leader

After five months of serving the army in this position, she was promoted to Red Commander on May 9th. Luckily, we were able to reach out to Bailey for an interview on this milestone.

 How does it feel to be a part of Red Ravager’s leadership?

So far I am loving it!! The rest of my staff has been nothing but supportive as I’ve settled in. Mostly being leader hasn’t changed what I’ve been doing since I became a member of the Red Ravagers hcom. This is probably due to the fact I’ve never let my rank hold me down and give me less freedom to do what was needed for the army to grow, so now I just am doing what I’ve always done and coming up with new plans to help us continue to grow.

What are some long terms plans that you have for the army?

Hm, long term I think first thing I’ll be looking at is who will be next to join the hcom team as we currently don’t really have any other hcom. My mods are all very talented and passionate people and I cant wait for them to be ready to join me. Next, I want to get Red Ravagers to major army status, which seems far off but with spirit and confidence I believe we will get there in no time!! Mostly though, my long term goal is to get Red Ravagers to a point where it can live beyond me and will, not only succeed with a second generation, but keep the open and friendly energy that has always been found in RR.

What has the journey been like starting off as a Mod in Training, to becoming the next Red Commander?

Fun is the first word that comes to mind. Every time the mods complain they can’t do something I have to tell them its because I would abuse it back when I was a mod. You know, “testing the limits” ;). I have so many incredible memories from this past year and though I’ll admit there were several times I considered giving upon, I wouldn’t give up the time I have spent here for anything in the world. The first time I was on the verge of leaving for good was when I was head red, our top mod rank. Like I said I never liked to let my rank hold me back and I became frustrated at this point because I could not stop it from holding me back. I would try to do as many hcom type things as I could, but they were exceedingly more difficult while I was outside the loop, even though I tried to get through by invading Bri’s dms with my master plans. The day after I decided it would be my last week in Red Ravagers was the day I was promoted to 3ic. After my promotion I got straight to work until around the time I got 2ic and I went through a really bad depression and became inactive. I was close to leaving again, but I pushed was able to push through it and get help in real life to better myself. This would of been impossible without my team, particularly my fellow ex-2ic Scorp, as he would drag me and force me to do things. I am incredibly grateful to him and the rest of the team. Nowadays, I feel a lot more energized and motivated, and it reminds me of how I was in the beginning.

In your opinion, what was the main factor that led to this promotion?

I guess if I had to say one thing to be the deciding factor of my promotion it would have to be my determination. No matter what we are going through I’ve always been willing to step up and cover any cracks. On a moments notice I could make decisions and get things done. I remember once Bri said I was good at delegating power as I would always be able to find a job for each person that perfectly fit their strengths and made it possible for them to have fun whilst doing it.

Who are the people you would like to thank for your journey so far?

First there are my mods they are the best group of people I have ever met Rep, Soup, Baks, Bo, Tea, Otaco, Action, and Muskki! I love you guys; Next we have the people I have worked with in hcom who have built me to be the person I am today. My wife, Bri; my brother, Scorp; my son, Max; my wife’s sister, Calie; my son’s wife, Neha; my little brother, Honda; and my tatertot, Revan. Then we have the people there at the very beginning like Todo, Richard, Genny, Princess Apricot, Zambi, and xTxll A shout out to my biggest supporters outside the army. People like CSY as well as my irl friend and RR troop Jenny who constantly encouraged me when I was on the verge of giving up. And probably the most important of all, the cocks: Yeti, Chek, Bri, Daniel, Cubby, Chicken, Nacho, Kailey, and Tia! COCKS RISE!!

It seems like Bailey is ready to lead the Ravagers. Her hard work and persistence has certainly paid off!  However, her  confidence and determination will be critical in the next step of her journey. 

What do you think of this promotion? Do you think Bailey will rise to the occasion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. scorpiondemon13 May 11, 2021 (5:35 pm)

    Good first post, Stevie.

  2. scorpiondemon13 May 11, 2021 (5:35 pm)

    Congratulations on your promotion, BaileyBear2021

  3. Fulcrum23 June 6, 2021 (11:21 pm)

    I actually know Bailey, and I hope she does great things for RR! She and Bo are one of my friends in RR!

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