Last Mermories- MermaidBri Steps Down From Red Ravagers Leadership

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – The Red Ravagers recently suffered a huge blow. On May 4th, longtime veteran MermaidBri announced that she is stepping down from the Ravagers’ leadership. What led to her retirement?

MermaidBri first joined the army community as a Special Weapons And Tactics recruit. In the very same week, she joined the Doritos as well. Despite being in these two armies, she never really felt welcome in the servers. Two weeks later, she met Zamb on CP Rewritten, who ended up recruiting her into the Dark Bandits. Zamb managed to get her attention, and Bri settled in with the Bandits as a troop. She reached a mid-level troop rank there before the Bandits shut down.

The Red Ravagers opening event

Bri ended up joining the Red Ravagers next, as most of the troops from the Bandits chose to move to the brand new red army created by Maxine and Honda. At the time of the army opening, Bri held a Third In Command rank. Throughout her time as a HCOM in the Ravagers, she kept working hard for the army. On September 23rd, Maxine announced Bri’s promotion to Red Commander, a few days after Honda’s sudden departure from the army.

Maxine announcing Bri’s promotion.

Ever since being promoted to leadership, Bri led the army to numerous victories and bagged many laurels. Under her helm, the army kept maxing 20+ throughout the September drop. Throughout her tenure, the Ravagers signed on several allies who helped to keep the army growing. Eventually, all of the hard work paid off as the army trumped the Templars in the first round of the March Madness tournament. More recently, the army declared its victory in their war against the Silver Empire.


The CP Army Headquarters team reached out to MermaidBri for an interview regarding her retirement. Let’s see what she has to say!

What led you to retire from the Ravagers’ leadership?

I just kind of decided it was time. I’ve been leader for several months now and I was just starting to feel kind of stagnant. I couldn’t really see myself growing in RR and while RR will always be my home I’m ready to move on.

Did you create any special memories within the army?

   While in the army there was an immeasurable amount of memories we’ve made, we used to have toast nights where we stayed up really late and made/ate toast together, we’ve created many memes and laughter and jokes including the iconic chef ravvy, Balto, laughing in vc for 3 hours during hcom meetings. We had BRISPOPCORN, the great debate that Scori > Maha and countless others.

What was your first impression when Red Ravagers became an official army?

RR became an official army almost a year ago so it’s kind of hard to think that far back, I remember being excited for it and ready to help the army grow. When Max told me about her plan to create RR I was eager and hopeful it would be a great place to be. My original rank was a low-level mod and then for some reason, they gave me 3ic right before we opened. Not sure why seeing as I had no real army experience prior but it was fun to learn and implement my ideas.

Do you have anything else you would like to say?

Even though I’m retiring I plan to remain very active and hopefully find a new place for myself. But I want to continue to help RR in any way I can, so DREAD THE RED Ravvys and Ravvy friends.

Even after stepping down from leadership, it looks like Bri will still be around to help out her Ravvy family. She will always have a home to look back to, while she searches for a new beginning.

What do YOU think? Will MermaidBri return to the ravagers? How will Red Ravagers do after her retirement? Let us know in the comments below!


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