Tamales! Hot Tamales! Tamales Return To The Army Community

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The Tamales, an army created in 2020 from a merger between People’s Imperial Confederation and Water Troops, is coming back for a new generation. What led to this return and what are they planning on accomplishing this time?

On August 16th, 2020, the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Water Troops, after seeing a decrease in their sizes and engagement, announced that they would be merging to form one army, the Tamales. The Tamales wanted to be a “spiritual homage to the legendary Nachos army” and an opportunity for a fresh start. Under the leadership of Sidie9, Attai, Emma, and Lukey, the Tamales entered SubZero Army League and got to participate in round one of SubZero Showdown. There, they battled against the Silver Empire, losing two rooms and tying one.

Tamales battling Silver Empire at SubZero Showdown, maxing 8.

In September, Tamales leaders decided to colonize under the Recon Federation, hoping to increase their event attendance and participation. However, a few moments after the colonization announcement, creators, troops, and moderators offered resistance. And on September 8th, Tamale Creators Sidie9, Emma, and Bryce agreed with shutting down the army as they were against colonization.

Tamales shutdown post.

On March 16th, 2021, Sidie9 made an announcement in the Tamales discord server, revealing that the army is coming back as a PIC colony. This new generation of the Tamales will co-exist with the Confeds and will serve as a way for PIC members to gain leading experience. The revival event was announced in both PIC and Tamales discord servers and took place on the 30th of April.

Tamales Revival Event.

CP Army Headquarters was able to get an interview with Shallissa, the Confeds Commander-in-Chief and one of the responsible members for the Tamales return.

Why did you decide to bring back the Tamales?

We originally decided to bring back the Tamales for fun under the leadership of SupremeP0wer and Lunchroom (Emma), to serve as a colony of our home army, The People’s Imperial Confederation. Since Jemma and Emma’s retirement I have stepped up to help Supreme manage our colony. We saw many opportunities for both Tamales and PIC to flourish with its revival, and Tamales is an army we all hold near and dear to our hearts. We have made so memories with it and we hope to create more!

How will this new generation of the Tamales co-exist with PIC?

Tamales will co-exist with PIC by serving as a leadership project for all interested PIC HICOM and staff to work on. Many of our members were brought into the community through PIC and don’t have any leadership or army experience. We want Tamales to be something they can use to build their leadership confidence and experience, while testing their ability to succeed in a leadership position. In a lot of growing armies it is hard to find areas to prove yourself to leadership and make your hard work stand out: Tamales was intended to make it easier for our members to apply themselves in unique situations and show off their results to PIC leadership, along with boost PIC morale and provide even more fun things for PIC members and allies to enjoy. It isn’t intended to take priority over PIC, only to give our members more opportunities to lead. So far this has been very successful, with two of Tamales hicom members shooting through the PIC ranks and recently becoming Leader in Training. We are beyond proud of their accomplishments. We have also seen tons of excitement towards our colony, with many of our members interested in the rich history behind Tamales!

Is there any goal you want to achieve with this new Tamales?

I am so excited because so far Tamales has accomplished more than what we expected it to accomplish during its second generation. As it continues to boost morale and bring excitement to PIC, I hope we are able to rise in numbers, eventually beating size records we met in its first generation. Our main goal though is to continue to give PIC staff and high command additional opportunities to lead and show off their amazing talent! Let’s just hope this generation doesn’t end in defacement, but with Supreme and I in charge you never know :hehe~6:

Although the first generation of the Tamales lasted only about one month, this new generation seems committed to thriving. The Tamales are back and they hope to boost the Confeds’ morale and excitement as well as rise their numbers.

What do YOU think? Do you think that the Tamales will have a successful new generation? Let us know in the comments!


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