High Tides – Army Of The Orient Seas Returns

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On April 30th, the Army of the Orient Seas made its return to the army community. This time, the army is featuring a brand new leadership duo. What is the history behind this army and what can we expect from it in the future?

The Army of the Orient Seas is a major army that sailed the seas during the year 2020. Created by Daya, Intrinsic and Ken on June 16th, originally the server was just a Filipino hangout. Soon they gained more members and became an AUSIA army. On June 21st, they held their first event and became an official army under the CP Army Hub.

Soon, more members joined their server and helped make the army bigger. The AUSIA major army even joined the New Dawn Alliance created by the Doritos. However, after a series expose posts about the Doritos leadership, they retreated from the alliance and chose to stay neutral. Less than a month after their creation, the hard work of the Sensei and Tusk themed army paid off. Under the leadership of Daya, TechN9ne and Intrinsic, the army hit the 10th spot in CP Army Hub’s Universal Top Ten. They even maxed an impressive 26 at one of their events for that week.

AOS maxing 26 at a training event.

The army became well known as one of the most formidable AUSIA forces in the community. In a practice battle with their allies Water Vikings, they maxed 21 and scored a 3-0 victory.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck the army on July 26th. Following suspicious activity on part of the AOS in the Beach Brawl tournament battle against the Lime Green Army, CP Army Hub investigated the army’s activities. The news organization revealed that AOS Commander Intrinsic was involved in a multilogging operation. AOS also received a disqualification from the tournament due to the presence of non-enlisted troops at their battles.

Army of Orient Seas vs Red Ravagers in the Beach Brawl Tournament.

The army took this severe blow under their stride, and continued marching forward with their heads held high. In September, Intrinsic and TechN9ne stepped down from leadership, passing the torch to Aphrodite and Figgenz. Within a month of the appointment of the new leaders, the army hit the major leagues. On October 4th, the army officially joined the ranks of major armies under the CP Army Hub. The army went on to host several successful events and battles for their troops, until November. After around six months of activity, the army scheduled a shutdown event.

On April 19th, Darci made an announcement in the Army of Orient Seas Discord server, revealing that the army is coming back under the leadership of Myth and Darci. The event gained a lot of hype as members began pouring into the server, ecstatic that the army is coming back. April 30th saw the troops log on to Ascent for an amazing return event. To find out more about the revival, CP Army Headquarters reached out to Darci for an interview.

What is the reason behind choosing to revive the Army of Orient Seas?

Well, as a former staff member of AOS, I was really dedicated to helping do things. I couldn’t attend our last dance event, because it was too short notice. Everything happened in a flash and I really was quite disappointed. I tried to push the administrators to help revive the server somewhat. We tried many solutions such as rebranding, but it just didn’t feel right. We did a poll and majority voted for the revival of AOS so that was our plan what we were gonna go with.

What is your current plan for the growth of AOS in the future? Will it continue being an AUSIA major army, or try and focus on all divisions this time around?

We’re trying to focus on especially extending our EU divison, because we didn’t really host EU events in the 1st generation. So far looking ahead, we may be more oriented around other time zones like US and EU, but for now we’re still gonna be hosting AUSIAS like always.

Do you think you can take the army back to the strength it had in the first generation?

I think with our leadership, we will be able to reclaim at least most the glory that we got in the first generation.

What is the goal of the current leadership?

We’re really at this point trying to just revive the server altogether. Ever since we shut down, the server has been pretty much dead until we decided to revive. We’re at least trying to aim to at least start off with half of our previous maxes around 15 and then slowly work our way up. As much as community, we’re looking forward to making a positive impact on armies. Basically, we’re trying to climb our way back to the top and we’re gonna do it once again.

With a determined leadership, the Army of Orient Seas looks set to hit the Top Tens anytime soon. Other armies should certainly keep an eye out for this indomitable AUSIA force as it reaches even higher places this generation.

What do YOU think? Can the Army of Orient Seas successfully revive? Will they hit major soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Headquarters Editor

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  1. Myth May 1, 2021 (1:05 pm)

    Rip Ash

  2. Sussy Boi May 2, 2021 (6:44 am)

    Yes yes yes this army is not as good as it sees it’s just banning legend’s and good people for no reasons tbh so be careful

  3. Sussy Boi May 2, 2021 (6:45 am)

    This army just ki kicking good people so be careful

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