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KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Welcome back to the second edition of our Monday column, Army in Focus. Each week we put an army under a microscope and look at their proceedings of that week. This week we’re looking into the Silver Empire, how eventful was their week?

The Silver Empire was created on the 20th of April 20th 2020, by Zach and Jimmy. The army had a rough start, with multiple coups taking place soon after opening. Eventually, Amber was the only leader left and under her the army has risen to great heights, maxing 20+ consistently and even coming 7th on the latest CP Army Headquarters Top Ten

The Silver Empire has been under quite the scrutiny lately, with multiple wars being declared on them. It started with the Help Force declaring war on the empire, citing reasons of troop stealing and trash-talking. The helpers stated that in case of the Empire not showing up to the war, they would raid events, and the war would not be stopped until Comedy, a Silver Empire Third in Command was stripped of her ranks and a public apology was issued.

The first battle of the war

The following day, while the Empire was busy writing their response post, in a shocking turn of events the Red Ravagers also declared war on the Empire, read about it here. Their reasoning including troop stealing, alongside harassing their mods and members to attend events. They further stated that Amber Trash talks about her own staff members, and whilst the Beep Beep Alliance, an alliance between the Silver Empire, the Red Ravagers, the Golden Troops, and the Fighter Pilots attended events for them, the silvers never reciprocated.

Terms of ending the war

A few moments after this declaration, the Silver Empire responded to the claims of the Help Force in a post found here, stating that many of the screenshots used in the Help Force’s declaration were out of context and that Comedy would not be punished in any way. To this, the Help Force responded with one final post. Furthermore, the Silvers also responded to the Red Ravager’s declaration, denying all allegations put against them and counter stating that the Ravvys stole one of the Empire’s troops.

However, this war just didn’t end there. The Golden troops jumped into the action, backing their brother allies and issuing a statement of full support to the Red Ravagers. Moreover, whilst the Fighter Pilots may not be an army, they put an invite to the Ravvys discord server in their announcements, asking their members to help the Ravagers in this war.

The fighter pilots asking their members to help the Red Ravagers

The CP Army Headquarters team reached out to Amber for a statement.

Regarding the war declarations and the back and forth, I personally don’t see how any of this is necessary. The tensions with Help Force had been brewing for quite some time, but Vedant reached out to me the day before so they wouldn’t continue to rise he said, yet never stated what he wanted. Our response to HF gave very good counter arguments, it proved we never troop stole anyone and were banned for no reason after Vedant’s harassment. If you want a good indicator of Comedy’s character, Help Force provided that in their own post. She stood up for an army being wronged when they aren’t even our allies – they’re Help Force’s.

The Red Ravagers never reached out to talk about their feelings, and despite saying they didn’t want to involve other armies later on to me, they specifically tried to drag their allies, IW and ACP into this useless war through 8 month old opinions and false information. I hope these armies also see through this sad attempt. The RR post is terribly written and, again, every point was debunked in our response. They ruined their own credibility and I honestly feel bad for them. The slander going on right now is an insult to the CPA community as a whole and has no place here. When I mentioned wanting war in SE’s future, I wanted CPA war, not bruised egos and hurt feelings.

The Silver Empire has suddenly had an eventful week, with multiple wars being declared on them, and multiple response posts being written out even. Which army will we analyze next week? 

What do YOU think? Who were in the wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!


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  1. Sweater April 26, 2021 (6:35 pm)

    Loving the post, I hope Silver Empire as well as RR/HF will turn out okay-dokey.

    An interesting army to analyze next time could be the returning Doritos of Club Penguin, Pirates or even already established Templars/WV.

    Can’t wait to see more of Army in Focus!

  2. Kingfunks4 April 26, 2021 (9:41 pm)

    Good post! Well done SE :O

  3. Light April 26, 2021 (10:45 pm)

    Interesting stuff

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