A Torrent of Leadership Changes for the Water Vikings

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Over the past five days, the leadership of the Water Vikings went through a lot of changes. The Vikings saw commanders Hydro21 and Potassium step down from their rank on April 14th. On the same day, Guncotton and Superhero announced their return to fill the void left by them. What exactly led to this chain of events?

The Water Vikings is an army that has been dominating in the major army scenario since a few years now. Potassium first joined the army community as a member of the Water Vikings in 2015. He made his way up the ranks and was a Third In Command at the time of the Vikings shutdown in 2016. During 2018, he made a return to armies as they slowly started adapting to Club Penguin Rewritten. After a small stint in the Ice Warriors during the summer of 2020, he rediscovered his old army and rejoined the Vikings. In December 2020, Potassium reached the position of Viking Commander, and has stayed loyal to the army ever since.

Water Vikings under the leadership of Hydro and Potassium

On the other hand, Hydro21 joined the Water Vikings in 2013 and stayed in the army for a while before retiring. He returned to the army near the end of 2020. After a lot of hard work, he earned a promotion to Viking Commander after the Vikings returned from inactivity in February.

On April 14th, Guncotton made an announcement that Hydro and Potassium are retiring from leadership. In the same message, he announced that he is returning to Water Vikings leadership, while Army Legend Superhero123 will be returning as a Second In Command, to compensate for the loss of the two leaders. Interestingly, Guncotton retired from the Water Vikings leadership barely five days ago. Could the reason for his return be the sudden power vacuum in the chaotic Viking Command roster? To find out, we reached out to him and here’s what he had to say:

Yeah, the return was forced. My classes rn don’t really demand as much time so I returned when I figured I wasn’t really sacrificing that much

-Guncotton, Viking Commander.

A picture of the announcement made by Guncotton. Click to enlarge.

CP Army HQ decided to interview both Potassium and Hydro21 and find out more about their retirement.

Interview with Potassium

How would you describe your journey as a leader of the Water Vikings?

I’ve enjoyed every second in WV, ever since I joined in 2015. It’s honestly been a pleasure being here, I’ve met dozens of great people who I have plenty of memories with, which I’d go through all over again. Ever since re-discovering the army in Summer of last year, I’ve enjoyed myself even more than my first run. Re-discovering all of these vets when I assumed they had all moved on was nothing short of surprising. I’m glad I managed to get Leader before retiring, and am thankful to everyone that has helped me along the way.

What was your reason for retiring from the leadership team?

I have honestly began to dislike CPA as a whole, it’s visibly changed in the last few years, even in the last few months. Everything seems so manufactured and “official” if that makes sense. Idk, everything just seems so forced. I’ve just altogether been enjoying it a lot less lately, there are multiple smaller reasons such as school and side-projects, but as mentioned before, the main reason would be how mundane CPA has become.

Anything you want to share about your experience as a leader?

There’s two main things I’d like to say from my experience in this community, and more so as a Leader. Number one, know how to differentiate an impulsive decision and a correct decision. Unless you’re in dire circumstances, give all actions something like a week beforehand before doing, to ensure you don’t regret it afterwards, I know this is rich coming from me of all people but it is what it is.

Secondly, I’d like to address the Elephant in the room, this community is really, really bad at times, don’t let yourself get too sucked into it. There are definitely good things that come with this community, there are hundreds of extremely talented and interesting people who are a joy to talk to, and I’ve had some really good experiences and friendships with numerous people over the last few years both inside and outside of WV, that I wouldn’t take back. But there’s a more toxic side to things that you’re better of staying away from, it really just isn’t worth it.

Interview with Hydro21

How would you describe the journey ever since you received your promotion from Second In Command to Commander?

Very enjoyable. Although literally everyone says this, I do feel like the environment we created in WV is a bit different than other armies. The staff is hard working, the troops are nice, and the HCOM does its best to maintain a little bit of an og armies aspect (even though that is hard).

What was your reason for retiring from the leadership team?

What everyone says; IRL reasons. We’re slowly coming out of lockdown so school and social life is picking back up, and I just don’t have enough time anymore.

Anything you wish to tell the readers?

For the love of god have a non WV-involved war for once in your lives cough cough top 4.

The unfortunate retirement of the leaders causes a large power gap for the Vikings. Hopefully, the return of Guncotton and Superhero123 helps them stay on their feet and not get washed away. Guncotton’s return is an example of the loyalty and dedication that the troops should have for their army. He returns to the army despite initially stepping down to deal with real-life duties. The loss of these two leaders is certainly irreparable. However, excitement is in the air as everyone lays their sights on the Vikings to see how they move forward from this.

What do YOU think? Will Guncotton successfully take on the responsibilities of Potassium and Hydro and lead the Water Vikings successfully? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army HQ Reporter


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