The Last Wave: Guncotton Retires from Water Vikings Leadership

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Longtime CPA Veteran and Ausia Leader Guncotton has announced his retirement from the Water Vikings Leadership. What led to this sad retirement?

Guncotton joined the Water Vikings in July 2020 as a moderator, already possessing experience as a leader and having worked on and developed ausia divisions in multiple armies over the years. As expected, he quickly assumed responsibilities and climbed up the ranks to achieve the title of Viking Commander, effectively being inducted into the Water Vikings leadership.

After making a prosperous return to CPA, Guncotton, utilised his vast experience to take on the responsibility of an ausia leader. He worked on setting up the division in the army to boost their position in weekly top ten rankings, which reflected in their results. The Water Vikings under his leadership were maxing up to 35-40 in a variety of fun tournaments, practice battles and training events. However on April 8th, 2021, Guncotton announced his retirement from the army, after almost a year of serving the Vikings empire. For his services and commitment towards the Water Vikings, Guncotton was awarded the title of the Greatest Leaders.

retirement announcement part 1

Part 1 of Guncotton’s retirement announcement, click to enlarge

retirement announcement part 2

Part 2 of Guncotton’s retirement announcement, click to enlarge

Guncotton began his CPA journey back in July of 2013 with the Nachos of CP, under the alias of Astro75114. However, due to their lack of events suitable to his timezone, Guncotton eventually left the army. Guncotton eventually joined the Green Mercenaries as a moderator, quickly ranking up to a leadership position. After that, he joined the Smart Penguins and worked his way up to become a leader. Unfortunately, Guncotton fell inactive and departed from the army community in June of 2014.

Guncotton returned once again during 2016 and lead the Green Mercenaries up until their closure in April. Following the closure, Guncotton returned to Smart Penguins leadership and led their AUSIA division once more. However, Guncotton had a busy schedule at the time and was unable to continue leading the army, Smart Penguins shut down and Guncotton retired. During the CPPS Era, Guncotton returned to the community and joined the Water Vikings in July 2020, during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Guncotton climbed the ranks quickly and was eventually promoted to leader.

Guncotton’s last event as leader was an interesting classic four-way color wars battle conducted through a room swapping technique, featuring Water Vikings, Help Force, Army of CP and Silver Empire. The closely contested battle proved to be a fitting final event for him, as 4 well-established armies agreed to take part in the battle in a friendly manner, with no sole victor as was in the 2006 Color Wars too.

Color wars battle

The four-way color wars battle event, click to enlarge

CP Army HQ was able to interview Guncotton to find out about his views on his retirement.

Why did you decide to retire from the Water Vikings?

I felt like I was not having as much fun as I did before and my frustration was kind of taking over, so I thought it’d be better if I retire.

What has been your favourite memory as a leader?

There have been plenty. The one that I think stands out the most is the End of Flash event.

If you could give a tagline to the Water Vikings Ausia division, what would it be?

I can’t think of anything special here haha, I’ve always considered the AUSIA division to be the same as UK/US so I think we’re all united by Fear the Wave.

Will we ever see guncotton return to the Water Vikings empire?

I can’t be 100% certain, but most likely yes I will.
Guncotton did not write a long retirement post, however, the Water Vikings wrote one for him. You can read it here. Due to personal issues and real-life duties that many of us get exposed to regularly, beloved leader Guncotton has retired from the Water Vikings, completing a very successful run as part of the army. It will be interesting to see how the army goes about its business now, but one thing is certain, the empire will not drown in Guncotton’s absence, and the next generations will reach even more milestones and carry the empire forward. A Leader has gone, but the wave never stops flowing into the dawn.

What do YOU think? Will Guncotton ever return to the empire? How will the Water Vikings fare after this retirement?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!  


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