March Madness 2021: Meet the Judges

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- 
As we are just hours away from the first tournament battle in CPAHQ history, let’s take the time to meet the group of judges tasked with refereeing the impending battles.

The CPAHQ administration, alongside our Head Judge team, sought out the judging talents of our current judging staff.  After much deliberation, we came to a total of 13 judges that met our expectations, as well as giving some new, promising judges their first shot at a tournament.

Judge Sophie [ACP] was unable to send in a bio, but is still on the judging team for this tournament.  It will be added once submitted.

DMT [No Affiliation]

Hello everyone.  As Director-in-Bias, it is my responsibility to take part in this tournament as a judge.  I put together two of the biggest CPR tournaments in 2019, those being the Summer Circuit and the Holiday Championship.  I also judged pretty much every war battle in 2019 since the community was (and still is) a bunch of BABIES.  In 2020, I was frequently called upon by my peers at CPAH to judge their tournaments, most notably: Legends Cup X and Christmas Chaos X.  I’m excited to get this show on the road, and can’t wait for your super lovely DMs when the time comes.  Good luck to all!

Lightningmcj [PZF/ACP]

I’m Light and I’ll be a judge for the upcoming March Madness tournament. I served as PZF leader for 4 months, and was named an S/M Legend this past December. I also am an ACP vet. I judged at CPAH for 2 months before becoming a Head Judge, which I served as for another 3 months before the closing down of CPAH. Now, as a Head Judge of CPAHQ, I’m excited to help facilitate another exciting tournament where the best of the best will go head to head. I’m definitely looking forward to ensuring fair outcomes and helping to once again decide who the greatest army in CPA is.

Spotty [ACP]

Hiiii, i’m Spotty and currently I’m in ACP and have been in the army community since 2018. In CPAHQ I serve as a Head Judge, and previously i’ve judged the Legends Cup, Beach Brawl and Fright and Fight, Christmas Chaos and a lot of battles and wars. I’m looking forward to seeing what each army can bring into the tournament, with it being the first tournament after flash. Good luck to all of the armies involved!

Superhero123 [WV]

Greetings! My name is Super(hero123) and I am a member of the army community since 2013. I have led various S/M armies throughout my career, primarily AUSIA based ones, but I am better known for being the creator and main developer of CPA:TG, as well as a former CPA League Administrator. I am also currently leading the Water Vikings. I have judged in a variety of tournaments like CPA’s Summer Circuit and the latest Legends Cup, as well as many army PBs and war battles as an ex-administrator of a league. I believe I can be just and unbiased, having proven such a stance with my judgements in previous tournaments and on my run as CPATG administrator. I want to judge in this tournament because I think that I can contribute positively with my pro judging skillz :P!

Myth [WV]

Hello hello, my name is Myth, yet you may call me Colin! I’ve been unbiasly judging since May of 2020, and have spread through many leagues including that of the CPAH, CPAM, SZAL, CPAF. I’ve judged a few wars here and there and the Subzero Showdown back in August. Can’t wait to judge this fabulous tournament!

AustinFraud [FW]

My name is AustinFraud and I am currently leading the Fire Warriors Army. I served as a judge in CP Army League, CP Army Hub, Subzero League, and CPAWL Judge. I was even lucky enough to judge the Fright or Fight Tournament. I look forward to witnessing spectacular Formations, Bombs, and anything really impressive. Hope we have a great tournament!

Paddy [RPF]

Hi, I’m Paddy! I joined the army community in 2019 and have been part of RPF since then. I started judging 7 months ago in SZAL and judged in CPAH. This is the first tournament I’ll be judging in! I’m looking forward to judging in this tournament and good luck to all the armies participating!

Crazzy [RPF]

Hi everyone! I’m Crazzy, former Rebel Commander of RPF. I’ve been in RPF since 2019 and led the army for more than half a year. As for judging experience: I was an official judge for the Beach Brawl, Fright or Fight, and Christmas Chaos tournaments, was a judge for CPAM and CPAH sanctioned battles and invasions, and overall I can be both fair and unbiased. I’m excited to see armies compete at the highest level, in the first 2021 Post-Flash era tournament. Best of luck to everyone participating.

Electrumm/Amber [SE]

Hi there! My name is electrumm or Amber, whichever is fine. I am Silver Empire’s leader and I’m very excited to be judging for March Madness! I was a Judge back in SZAL for a few months and judged SubZero Showdown, then nearing it’s shut down, i went over to CPAH until it’s closing. I was able to judge numerous battles of all sizes and meet lots of people! I’m looking forward to seeing your clever tactics and fun formations! I wish the best to everyone participating, good luck! x

Fusion [ACP]

Hello everyone! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Fusion and I am so excited to be one of the judges for March Madness! I also currently serve as the Content Manager for CPAHQ and that has been an absolute blast! (Shameless plug, apply to be a reporter). Outside of CPAHQ I am a 4ic in the Army of Club Penguin, but I have been in this community for just over a year and a half. You may recognize me from judging LCX, which was an absolute blast, and I am anticipating the same kind of competitiveness and triumph that I have seen before. Best of luck to all armies participating, and may the best one win!

FooFee112 (HF)

Hi, I’m FooFee.  I’ve been in armies for just over a year now, i’ve been in tons of battles and several tournaments in the past, and have been a judge in CPAH and now CPAHQ for 7 months.

Robot (ACP)

Hey, my name is Robot. I want to judge because I have no agenda and want the best army to win, I intend to remain unbiased and to give the best verdicts in my eyes. Looking forward to this tournament, good luck everyone.

Our judges could not be any more ecstatic to get March Madness underway.  We hope that you trust these community members and their refined skills in judging the same amount as we do.  It surely will be an exciting tournament that will kick off CPAHQ’s tournaments of grandeur.  Stay tuned for more updates on March Madness 2021.


CP Army Headquarters Director-in-Chief

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