Top Ten Armies [2/21/21-2/27/21]

The calculations have been adjusted for the Rebel Penguin Federation as the army missed an event submission

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters- The seemingly unbreakable top four remains the same this week, but sees considerable tightening between the top three armies.

1. Ice Warriors [+0] [84.73]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [80.00] 

3. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [77.38]

4. Help Force [+0] [51.36]

5. Silver Empire [+1] [47.08]

6. Water Vikings [-1] [46.75]

7. Templars [+0] [40.50]

8. People’s Imperial Confederation [+1] [38.57]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [38.13]

10. Red Ravagers [+1] [24.81]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Pizza Federation [+1] [21.00]

12. Cries Cult  [+3] [15.50]

14T. Coffee Bean Army [+0] [12.5]

14T. Royal Penguins [+1] [12.5]

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1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a fun-filled week, hosting a total of 7 events. To kick off their week, a simple training was in-store, maxing a total of 38. That same day, they hosted yet another event, this time a special tactics training, with 48 in attendance. Their next event saw some fierce competition, as a training and Pizzatron competition was in-stock, serving a total of 50 penguins. The branches have returned, this week hosting the Water Vikings! As the fierce, yet fun battle played out, 57 penguins logged on to fight for their division. The warriors then faced off against the People’s Imperial Confederation, maxing a total of 45. Following their two battles, the Ice Warriors played some hide and seek, with 34 penguins playing. Their final event of the week saw a special uniform training, with 54 attendees.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had an active week, holding 7 events. To begin their week, they hosted a life vest event with sizes maxing 51 and an AUSIA painters pride event, hosting 33 painters. Their next 2 events saw totals of 47 and 36 respectively. Soon following, the rebels hosted a “Where’s Waldo” event, with 42 seekers and hiders in attendance. This was soon followed up by another training event, maxing a total of 35. Their final event; a branch battle vs the Silver Empire, saw 59 rebels in attendance.

3. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a busy week, holding eight events. The week started with Mission: Yellow Submarine, which maxed 26. Next their US division had Mission: Underwater Rescue with 47 troops in attendance. Continuing through the week they held Operations Hot Sauce, and Black Run, where they maxed 45 and 47 respectively. Next, 35 troops attend a room riddles event, followed the next day by a U-Lead event with max 33. After that they held a Spec-ops Civilian Takeover, maxing 40. They finished the week with a battle versus the Water Vikings, where they had their highest max this week of 48.

4. Help Force: Help Force were a bit quieter this week, with four events. They started the week off with Operation: Firepower, which maxed 32. Next, 26 troops attended their AUSIA training event. They held an exciting branch battle during the week, maxing 36. To conclude the week, they held a Revival event, with 27 troops in attendance.

5. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire were busy this week, with six events. They started the week with a Murder Mystery Party, where they maxed 17. Next they had a Hide and Seek event where they had 20 troops in attendance. After that, 22 troops went to a baseball cap takeover event. Mid-week they held an intense Villains versus Superheroes Branch Battle which maxed 16. Next, 24 troops attended their Find Four Tournament which saw HelmXGaming win. They finished the week off with a practice battle against Rebel Penguin Federation’s Air Force and Navy Divisions, which maxed 25.

6. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings fall out of the top five after having a rather quiet week, hosting four events.  They began their week with a practice battle against the Ice Warriors, where they reached sizes of 25 penguins.  The Vikings followed that up with a war training, maxing 21 troops.  They then started to conclude the week somberly, with 30 troops bidding farewell to former leader, Zoomey. They also had a maximum size of 25 against the ACP in a practice battle. 

7. Templars: The Templars had a quiet week with a total of three events. They started off with a pre-war training, which had 30 in attendance. Next, they put that training to use in a battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation, maxing a total of 37 troops. To finish off the week they held a war celebration with 25 troops celebrating.

8. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation had a decent week with a total of five events. They kicked off the week with a Scuba Expedition, with 10 scuba divers in attendance. Continuing their theme of the ocean, they held “Operation Life Jacket rescue”, which saw a peak of 16 rescuers. Next, they had a Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors, maxing a total of 19 troops. A hide and seek event was held next with 11 troops ready to hide (or seek). To finish the week they held their very first divisional battle, with 20 troops witnessing this historical moment.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: The SWAT only held 2 events this week. Their first event was a battle training event maxing 26 troops. Their second event, an AUSIA training session saw 20 agents in attendance.

10. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers held three events this week. They kicked the week off with a games tournament, maxing 9. Next they held a coffee takeover, which also had 9 troops. Finishing the week off, 6 people attended an exciting practice battle against the ACPTR.

That concludes a top ten where saw an exorbitant amount of movement, just three weeks into the life of CPAHQ!  The Army of Club Penguin willed themselves into 2nd place after a busy week, breaking up the notorious Black Ice alliance.    Meanwhile,  the Silver Empire assert their prowess, kicking the Water Vikings out of the top five.  Lastly, in part of the Redemption Force having an empty week, the Peoples Imperial Confederation, SWAT, and the Red Ravagers all move up a spot.  What do YOU think about the top ten? Will there be a change next week? Let us know in the comments below!


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Top Ten Committee 

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