Forgotten Armies – Edition One

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Many armies have come and gone since the dawn of Club Penguin. Today, everyone recognises the likes of ACP, RPF and WV. The real question is, how many people know about the once mighty powers that are no longer around? To provide enlightenment about the past, CPAHQ presents to you the first edition of Forgotten Armies, a new series dedicated to exploring some of the great entities of bygone years.

Before we begin, I would like to strongly discourage people from resurrecting dead armies without authorisation. The legacy of the early community is something that must be respected. Older players spent months and years in building a name for themselves and it would be a great travesty if people tarnish their efforts by creating fake remakes or half-baked revivals. That said, there is no problem in modelling new armies on the names, structures or cultures of old ones. With that little caveat out of the way, let us delve right into the post!


Secret Spy Agency of Club Penguin

Founder: Mazachster

First up on the list is SSACP. Created in November 2007, they were one of the most fascinating armies of early Club Penguin. Though they functioned to some extent as a paramilitary branch of the ACP, they maintained a degree of independence and were thus recognised as a separate army. Think United Kingdom, but with ACP as Westminster (the central government) and SSACP as semi-autonomous Scotland.

The SSACP mainly operated on Mammoth, the then hub of Club Penguin warfare. Over the years they produced several greats including Boomer20, Shaboomboom, and Matre10 – eminent figures who went on to rank up in ACP.

SSACP operatives ambushing the Nachos during the SSACP-Nachos War of 2008. Unfortunately very few pictures of the SSACP remain today.

As their name suggests, the SSACP also considered themselves an espionage organisation. They would conduct surprise raids against enemies and liked to shroud themselves in mystery. At times, they infiltrated other armies with spy operatives, allowing them to provide crucial intel to allies or sabotage the plans of enemies. In 2008, they even attempted to orchestrate a coup d’etat in the Nachos, albeit unsuccessfully.

The SSACP were never the largest to wreck havoc but they were certainly influential. They warred against Romans, UMA and Nachos, and left a mark on the landscape of Club Penguin warfare. Shaboomboom closed the army in Februrary 2010 after several senior members retired due to real life priorities, and since then SSACP’s legacy has inspired the creation of similar organisations, such as the 2012-2016 Nachos SS and the 2012 UMACIA.

Red & Blue Alliance Army

Founders: Person1233 and Pengyster48

Person1233 needs no introduction. He was one of the greatest leaders of all-time; ranked as the sixth most influential figure by CPAC and regarded as a 2009 CPA legend. His august stature stems from his time in the Nachos, whom he guided to unprecedent heights including sizes of 150+ during the Great Mammoth Fiesta. What many people today do not know is that he also led the RBAA, a less famous army but one that was widely respected nonetheless.

The RBAA came about in August 2008 after a merger between Person’s Red Army and Pengyster48’s Blue Warriors. Within days of their creation, they successfully invaded 5 bar server Parka, triggering the Great Parka War against the Shadow Troops. The conflict drew the attention of the RPF, Romans and Club Penguin Marines too, and resulted in a number of large-scale skirmishes. The RBAA was able to successfully defend the server for several months while also annexing further territory, and by the end of the year they were a major power.

RBAA and allies fighting Shadow Troops in Parka.

What made the RBAA unique was their innovativeness. They were the first to experiment with auto-typers, almost five years before RPF and Nachos made the practice mainstream in the community. Another unique aspect of the army was their hybrid red-blue uniform. It was unheard of at the time and attracted many recruits due to its novelty.

Unfortunately, the RBAA was unable to survive for long. Person1233 left in mid-January 2009 after being promoted to Nachos leader, and they suddenly collapsed as a result of his departure. Puckley took over and strived, alongside Pengyster, to keep the army alive. However, their efforts were to no avail, and by April 2009 the army was declared dead. Several people tried to revive the RBAA in In 2010 and 2011 (most notably Zakster), but none of them were able to emulate the glories of the original generation. Nevertheless, the army will be forever remembered for its quick rise, military might, and inventiveness.

Club Penguin Warriors

Founder: Hero12985

Next up is the Club Penguin Warriors. Not to be confused with their namesake ‘Warriors of Club Penguin’, they were created in October 2007 by S/M Legend Hero12985. Although they started off as a a humble army in the unpopulated server Matterhorn, they soon established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. In 2008, they gained community-wide recognition for their role in major wars. In particular, they were a key participant in Order 67 and took part in World War IV against ACP as one of the seven founding members of the Great Alliance.

The Club Penguin Warriors were likewise involved in some of the earliest major tournaments and delivered upset results against powerhouses like Nachos and RPF. They achieved sizes of 30+ and in January 2009 were recognised by Club Penguin War News as the 4th largest army at the time.

CPW recruiting event, 2008.

Much of the army’s early prosperity can be attributed to their close relationship with the Ice Warriors and the Underground Mafias Army. They had free access to the recruit pools of those armies, and attracted a number of lower rank troops who were interested in advancing their careers. For some of those troops, CPW turned out to be a stepping stone in the path to great things.

Hero12985 retired in April 2009 but his army continued to live on under prominent leaders like Mo Mo1357, 77Hockey and Coolster114. They always maintained a respectable position in the community and had generations leading up to 2013. The CPW will be looked back on as one of the original ‘warrior’ armies and a great medium-large power of the pre-CPAC era.

The Warriors Army

Founders: Wwe09, Iceyfeet1234, Ambrosha, Ephris11, Djgtjvgyhxgy, Smiley40 and Morsels

Last but not least, The Warriors Army. Not many people know of them, but they were founded in November 2007 following a merger between the Ice Warriors, the Dark Warriors, and the Fire Warriors. Soon thereafter, several other armies joined in like the Aqua Warriors, Romans, Golds, and GPR. At the time, these armies were relatively small, but with their combined strength The Warriors Army quickly grew into a World Power.

Naturally, TWA posed a massive threat to ACP’s claim over Mammoth. Clashes between the two armies became a daily occurrence in the Dojo, and oftentimes others would get involved. These would last several hours, as was the case back then, and often ended in a stalemate. At their zenith, The Warriors Army tested the limits of their opposition. They were bigger than Nachos and RPF, and only just smaller than ACP and UMA. Unfortunately, very few other records remain from the era, but TWA was the home army of a number of individuals who went on to write history in the community including Lorenzo Bean, Dreamguitar and Sriv007.

Unscheduled clash in the Dojo, January 5, 2008. TWA can be seen to the left alongside UMA, fighting ACP.

In February 2008, there were talks of a possible super-merge with UMA, who were undergoing reforms following the second and final retirement of Pink Mafias and CompWiz5000. The proposed name of the new army would have been ‘Underground Warriors Army’, but the proposal never came to light after it was met with resistance by some elements within UMA. TWA crumbled several days afterwards due to internal feuding, and was partitioned into independent armies based on pre-merge foundations.

Later on, there were attempts to restore The Warriors Army as an alliance. In particular, Djgtjvgyhxgy tried to unite several ‘warrior’ S/M armies between 2009-2010. He did not succeed, but his efforts show that TWA cemented their place as one of the revered armies of the snowball era. Though they are no longer around, they will be cherished as one of the largest mergers of all-time.


That brings to an end the first edition of Forgotten Armies. What do YOU think about this list? Have you heard of these armies before? Let us known YOUR thoughts in the comments below. And make sure to keep an eye out for the next instalment!


CPA Headquarters Head of History

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