A World Without CPA Battleground: What Are Our Alternatives?

The army community has become increasingly dependent on this Club Penguin private server. However, this dependency also seems to be vulnerable. If CPA Battleground perishes, the community will undoubtedly enter a bizarre world.

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Club Penguin Army Battleground (CPAB) is a private server dedicated to armies. Battleground has gained indefinite value from battles to training and wars to anniversary events. Created in 2022, the game receives dozens of accounts for activation daily. Out of 39,873 registered accounts on CPAB, 22,858 are activated (as of June 11, 2024), and hundreds of troops frequent the game regularly.

A recent update where servers from the CPA server map were added to the game has certainly added value. Moreover, features include players having titles displaying the army they are in, as well as useful commands to check army sizes. These are some features the game offers you. But, what if the game is absent? What are our alternatives? Let us discuss some of them.

Switching private servers

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Several Club Penguin private servers exist today. Popular ones that armies depend on include Club Penguin Journey, Club Penguin Avalanche, and New Club Penguin. One disadvantage of switching private servers to such alternatives is that armies will lose access to army features, including commands, titles, and map servers. Club Penguin Journey is a popular pick by many armies but implements more limitations for armies. For example, you are required to notify the game staff before scheduling an event, and you are not allowed to use overpopulated rooms for events.

Creating a new private server

A few Club Penguin private servers exclusive to Club Penguin armies have existed. When Club Penguin Army: The Game had shut down, CPA Battleground soon came into existence. We could continue the generation of armies by creating another private server that is exclusive to Club Penguin armies. However, creating a new private server would require a lot of effort to be repeated, and bringing some features into the game may take a while. It is also possible that the new developer fails to implement some old features. Memories and feelings poured into the original game by its players cannot be recovered.

Club Penguin Armies approached the developer of CPA Battleground, Superhero123, to explore his point of view on a world without the game.

 How do you measure the importance of CPA Battleground? Do you feel that armies have taken the game for granted?

Honestly I have no clear idea how important CPAB is, that’s something you should ask the army leaders and troops that use the game. I will say however that the game has greatly assisted in both combating multilogging and making sure battles run smoothly (I am sure older veterans remember the bot raid issues we had on original Club Penguin…).

Now for the second part of your question, when any game exists for as long as CPAB has people do start taking it for granted, its natural to take for granted something that exists on your daily routine for such a long period.


Have you ever thought about armies on Minecraft?

Even though the name of this very community is Club Penguin armies, it may not be possible to stay in CP forever. Many already have contemplated the possibility of armies moving to other games such as Minecraft and Roblox. However, would this really be a valid option? Without a doubt, the community would lose a lot of its essence, being forced to change the meta of the game and the very way we play it. Certainly, this would be the darkest alternative to follow. Do you think the community would ever survive such a move?

For now, armies continue to take CPA Battleground for granted, and its absence would cause many adversities. What would you do if CPA Battleground perishes one day? What alternatives do YOU suggest?

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