CPA Battleground Launch Announcement & Community Party This Weekend

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – CPA Battleground, the private server dedicated to the army community, is set to launch this weekend. CP Army HQ has announced their plans for a community meetup to celebrate.

After much anticipation, which was heightened following the CP Rewritten closure last week, the official launch date for CP Army Battleground has been announced: this Saturday, April 23rd.

Despite opening for early access several weeks ago, the website and servers have been down for the past week following the CPR shutdown and the controversy that surrounded that event. In an announcement on the CPA Battleground Discord early today, however, the game’s creator Superhero123 announced the website is back online and the game will be made public on the weekend.

In tandem with the launch announcement, Superhero also teased a picture of the new Ice Berg room design by graphic designer Haley. Just like previous iterations of his private server, the game will feature battle rooms that have been enlarged to accommodate more penguins for battles and events. This is just one of the exciting features that have people talking.

CP Army HQ have an exclusive guide to the game coming prior to Saturday’s launch, with all the exciting features explained.

CP Army HQ was quick to follow up this announcement with one of their own: a launch party on the game this Sunday at 12pm eastern time. This party will see members of the community come together on the HQ Discord server to play games on CPA Battleground, and celebrate on the Discord voice channel.

CPA Battleground Launch Party & Meetup

12pm EST | 5pm UK

The launch of CPA Battleground is welcome news to many, with the army community now on their seventh day without a common platform to use for events. Are you excited about the launch of the first HTML5 platform that is dedicated to armies? And will you be at the launch party this upcoming Sunday? 

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