Battle Report: Special Weapons Outnumber Dark Pirates

On June 8th, the community saw a judged practice battle between the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Dark Pirates. In this battle, the Agents emerged victorious by winning two rooms. Today, we will learn what transpired during the battle.

Battle report

Designed by Wynn

INSIDE MINE – special weapons and tactics

In the first room, Special Weapons and Tactics entered first, getting into an L formation, while Dark Pirates chose a sideways T. SWAT was performing faster than DP and taking control of the left side and bottom of the room. The Agents then bombed, however, there were some AFK troops. SWAT then made a circle, while DP got into a plus formation, but the form was bunched. Meanwhile, SWAT’s formation had a few gaps on the right side and bunches on the left side. DP had then bombed once again. The Pirates got into a vertical formation, with SWAT doing a V-wipe. Overall, SWAT was performing faster, had better formations, and covered DP most of the time, thus this room went to SWAT.

Battle report

SWAT seen in an L and DP in an apparent C


In the second room, DP entered the room first and got in a vertical formation, while SWAT took control of the bottom. In the first 3 minutes, both armies were going at the same pace. Then, SWAT bombed and got into a T formation, but their vertical was messy. DP then got into a backward L formation. This made them look smaller due to the bottom not being spread out. Both sides bombed the room shortly after. Sizes were 10-8 SWAT. SWAT then got into a horizontal formation and covered DPC’s UV formation.

In this room, both armies performed equally, and most formations seemed messy somewhat. This highlighted the importance of always having clean formations despite holding a small size advantage. This room was deemed as a tie.

Room 2 – Cove


In the last room, DP had entered the room first. They got into a sideways T formation and SWAT got into a vertical. SWAT displayed a cleaner form compared to DP. DP then bombed into a vertical and SWAT waterfall bombed. once SWAT got into a UT formation, they were able to cover DP troops. SWAT then did a V wipe, but it was delayed. DP then bombed into a V formation. Later, SWAT had then got into a V formation. SWAT’s V form was cleaner and gave them the ability to cover DP. DP then got into a line formation.

Within this room, SWAT successfully covered DP troops. they were performing faster when sending tactics and made better formations. This room went to SWAT.

SWAT diagonal against DP vertical

This battle caused more controversies between these two, once-allied, armies. After the map grace period ended, Agents declared war on DP for their alleged unacceptable diplomacy. However, this declaration was deemed invalid. The reason for this was the Templars’ war declaration on SWAT was sent seconds before the latter declared war on the pirates. This was truly a unique battle that almost caused another war to start. Will we see more battles between these once-allied armies? 


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  1. Fun X Time June 11, 2024 (12:24 pm)

    Special Weapons and Tactics have proved to be very successful against its former ally! #CommonSWATW

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