LIVE COVERAGE: June 9 Doomsday

June 9, 2024 will go down as the Doomsday Date as multiple wars break out immediately following the end of the new server map’s grace period. 

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egcp vs wv: 5-1 egcp

swat vs tcp: 1-0 tcp

Thursday, June 13

11:16am EST: In the meantime, Water Vikings Commander Claire transfers their last remaining land, capital Frostbite, to an accepting Rebel Penguin Federation.

Water Vikings retreat from the map once again

11:15am EST: Elite Guardians and Water Vikings sign a treaty known as the Frostbite-Zero Grau Agreement, agreeing to return all stolen servers.

One war concludes

9:30am EST: Although they were able to successfully defend Summit on Tuesday, they are unable to stop Elite Guardian forces from claiming the server on Thursday morning.

War score: 5-1

Wednesday, June 12

7:00pm EST: Elite Guardians invade and win the server Cabin against the Water Vikings.

War score: 4-1

7:30am EST: Vikings first offensive ends in failure as they fail to capture Deu Branco from the Guardians.

War score: 3-1

Tuesday, June 11

7:32pm EST: However, the Guardians are unable to pull off a double victory as Water Vikings successfully defend Summit.

War score: 2-1

9:30am EST: Guardians are once again successful in their invasion of the Vikings, claiming Mittens.

War score: 2-0

monday, june 10

8:00pm EST: The first battle between Special Weapons and Tactics and Templars begins, known as the Battle of Blizzard. Special Weapons do not show, ending in victory for the Templars.

6:30pm EST: The first battle between Elite Guardians and Water Vikings begins, known as the Battle of Fog. It ends in a victory for the Guardians.

War score: 1-0

Sunday, June 9

5:39pm EST: After failing to confirm their target earlier in the day, Elite Guardians schedule invasions of Water Vikings‘ (WV) land.

For the first time, the former allies are on different sides

9:24am EST: Ninjaleader, Dark Pirates leader, schedules an invasion of Ventilador, but quickly deletes the message upon learning the server already belongs to the Elite Guardians.

9:01am EST: In a now deleted message, Elite Guardians (EGCP) attempted to declare war on Templars. However, it was deemed invalid due to the nature of the newly declared Special Weapons and Templars war.

9:00am EST: Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) and Templars (TCP) drop declaration of war posts seemingly at the same time. However, the Templars (who were seconds faster) declared war on the Special Weapons, thus making the Special Weapons’ invasions of Dark Pirates invalid.

Off to the races

9:00am EST: Club Penguin Armies administrator Mchappy announces that the server map’s grace period has concluded.

This post will be updated as more developments come out. How will these wars affect the current army borders?


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Mchappy is interning at Club Penguin Armies as the Chief Executive Producer. Max held him at gunpoint to finish his biography.

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