Top Ten Armies of The Month: May 2024

Within the month of May, we have witnessed multiple changes in the Top Ten with armies frequently swapping places. But what does this mean for the Top Ten armies of the month? Let’s find out.

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Top Ten Armies

1. Elite Guardians ⟨77[7]

2. Water Vikings ⟨74[↑1]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation ⟨72[↑1]

4. Army of Club Penguin ⟨69[↓3]

5. Help Force ⟨63[]

6. Templars ⟨61[↓4]

7. People’s Imperial Confederation ⟨60 [↓1]

8. Special Weapons And Tactics ⟨50[↓1]

9. Dark Pirates ⟨48[↓1]

10. Winged Hussars ⟨46[]

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The month of May saw the arrival of the Around The World Cup tournament with armies preparing to go into battle to try and win the cup. Unlike last month, all but two armies moved up or down the rankings. The Elite Guardians had the biggest rise this month, ranking up from joint 8th to 1st. Last month, the Guardians’ position was compromised due to their short hiatus. However, this time, they have come back with vengeance to take the number one position. The Templars saw the biggest drop this month, dropping four positions despite having a successful run in April. The People’s Imperial Confederation continue to remain above the other small/medium armies, keeping sixth place for the entirety of May. However, they fell short of securing sixth (of the month) by just 1 point. With the Around The World Cup tournament coming to its conclusion, the Top Ten armies may continue to change but only time will tell.

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