Ice Warriors Celebrates Momentous 17th Anniversary

As the army’s lifecycle goes, another year has been reached by the Ice Warriors. This achievement demonstrates the immense history that they possess. Being present in both Club Penguin and Club Penguin Private Servers era allowed them to build a legendary legacy, directly proportional to their 17th celebration.

Ice Warriors Anniversary

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The Ice Warriors were first established in June 1st, 2007, by 2008 Major Legend Iceyfeet1234. They are one of the armies that paved the way for CPA, due to its founding date and influence. The Warriors army dissolution is the start point of IW, and the trend of ”warriors” armies. Albeit their icy journey is full of ups and downs, they made their mark with their tournament wins, war efforts and trailblazing.

Despite their successful trajectory, it did not start in a steady manner, with rebellions being routine. Nevertheless, these revolts failed and IW started to ascend. This was shown by their 80+ max against the Nachos in the first edition of Legends Cup. Unfortunately, they did not win. Even so, the warriors never phased out, and still went on to have many succesful runs. Moreover, they also began to highlight their war efforts, by leading the Great Alliance in World War IV and delivering to the Army of Club Penguin its first World War loss.

World War IV Footage

Subsequentially, Ice Warriors hit their peak in the original club penguin during the years of 2014-2016. Under the leadership of the Drew Crew, their golden age started. Reported sizes of 40-75+ across the 3 timezones were common during this period. Alongside the victorious efforts, was the conflict. One of their most memorable wars was their conflict against the Water Vikings. However, all things must come to an end. IW shut down after the Club Penguin closed in 2017.

Although inactive, they were revived in late 2019 by army legend Andrew24, thus starting their CPPS generation. During the COVID era, their sizes were constantly in the hundreds, being one of the biggest armies at the time. Under the leadership of notable figures such as IceQueenDrQueen and Kally, the warriors achieved many more glories. Such as March Madness VI and, in a map scenario, the first rendition of Project: ConquestAiming for more map dominance, they formed the controversial Black Ice Alliance, massively affecting balance of power.

Ice Warriors Anniversary

March Madness VI: IW 2-1-1 ACP

Meanwhile, unbenknowst to the community for some time, rampant allegations of misconduct arised in 2023. These claims ultimately put an end to the Warriors activities in the league, and temporarily as an army. Nevertheless, months after the controversy, they continued to ocasionally host events in Club Penguin Armies Battleground. One of these events was their major 17th anniversary event with an outstanding total of 99 penguins there present.

Ice Warriors Celebrate 17th Anniversary

For a better feedback, Club Penguin Armies reached out to IW Leader, Mogi4, for an interview about his views on the ceremony.

What do you feel about the celebration of the army’s history?

Ice Warriors is a truly amazing community and it’s crazy to think that IW is 17 years old, that’s older than me and most people in the server lol. Ice Warriors has been through so much yet after 17 whole years we are thriving and keeping it alive. This event was a celebration of the amazing community and staff members who have contributed so much to make IW the best it can be. #IWForever

What are your expectations on the future of Ice Warriors?

We have some thoughts and plans, can’t reveal them yet though. I expect us to keep performing well as a gaming community as we have been doing for the past year, and to keep thriving during the summer.

Is there a message you would like to dedicate for you community?

I am so proud and thankful of everyone who have contributed towards this event. Maxing 100 was crazy so thank you all for attending the event and being a part of this special moment. I love you IW 🙂 Don’t Freeze Up!!

From Mogi’s words, we can see the pride that he and the rest of the army have is surely still standing. A history over almost two decades deserves to have a moment of party like this. With almost 100 penguins, is it possible that they will have achieved the highest size of 2024? Are the plans mentioned by Mogi a possible return? We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish all the best for them.

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