Ice Warriors Shutdown Amidst Allegations

The Ice Warriors’ status is officially out with a statement made from Leader IceQueen1020 announcing the army would be closing its doors following recent allegations. 

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Over the past weekend, the community witnessed a shocking amount of allegations regarding the Ice Warriors and their leadership team. Since then, the leadership has witnessed two members step down from their positions and their respective army communities. The community awaited a statement from the Warriors themselves, questioning the army’s future and where the army would now be heading. As more statements from the involved people came out, nothing about the status of the army had quite yet been confirmed.

However, on March 12, at exactly 8:15pm EST, IceQueen1020 made an announcement on the server about the Warriors’ future and its departure from the army community. The announcement followed creator Iceyfeet1234‘s announcement the day prior which condemned certain actions. Madhav, a former Leader of the Warriors, in a deleted announcement made mention of a potential shut down.

An announcement by the creator

Thus, the army would be transitioning into a gaming hangout server, stating their gaming and community events would continue on. This is not the first time the Ice Warriors have announced such a transition, but it comes at quite a sensitive time. It was November of last year that they silently exited the league in a different manner.

Official statement by IceQueen1020

All eyes are on the Warriors to see how they will move on within the next months after losing two of their leaders, as well as some of their own staff to other armies as well. Do you think the historic army can make a return in the future?

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