What’s Up Club Penguin Armies? #4

Welcome to What’s Up CPA, the post where we take a look at some of the recent conversations within Community Chat. The Around The World Cup finals are fast approaching but what is the topic of discussion in community chat?

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What’s up CPA?! We are back with yet another edition of What’s Up CPA. To me, the topic of conversation within CPA is currently unknown. So, with that being said, let us dive into the dark realm of Club Penguin Armies‘ community chat to find out what everyone has been talking about!

As previously thought, the Around The World Cup is a topic of conversation within the community. Despite the Cup being a new tournament, the finals are anticipated nonetheless. In the finals of the Around The World Cup, Elite Guardians are set to fight the Army of Club Penguin. On the Small/Medium side of things, the People’s Imperial Confederation aims to claim yet another trophy as they take on Winged Hussars.

The conversation saw some question the community’s predictions for the major armies’ final battle. The predictions saw Elite Guardians become the favourites to win. However, Hampterio claims that EGCP “almost lost to pic”, debating whether or not the predictions are correct. For the previous tournament, March Madness IX, the predictions for the finals were mixed with no clear winner. Yet, the predictions for the upcoming finals are clear with EGCP being favoured to win. Will EGCP take home their first trophy?

EGCP leader, Edu, later stated that despite the predictions it will be a close battle. With that being said, it should be a battle to watch. As for PIC vs the Hussars, the predictions heavily favour PIC. With their streak of wins against other SM armies, it would be unwise to bet against them. But, will the Hussars be able to pull out the heist of the century?

In other news, outside of CPA, Danplays made some…well he made…I don’t know what he’s made to be quite frank. Their texture before this picture was posted looked sloppy. Now that they have been cooked and, perhaps, cut they are now ready to…consume??? By whom I do not know. Peebles had a similar response to mine, questioning what they were. However, their question contained some profanity, unlike mine.

Jokes aside, Dan confirmed them to be homemade cookies as their cooking experience continues to grow. Maybe we will see more of their food in the future.

Despite the Around The World Cup tournament still ongoing, the Legends Cup is on the minds of the community. The Legends Cup is perhaps the most anticipated tournament of the year. It has been held an astounding 13 times already, with the 14th set to take place this year. Ugly expects that the Legends Cup will be held in mid-July, similar to last year when it was presented on July 6th, starting on July 15th. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

Last year, the Cup was hard to predict with many armies fighting for the chance to earn the coveted trophy. However, this year may be even harder because armies are hungry and ready to fight. Since the last Legends Cup, we have seen ACP and the Water Vikings rack up trophies. They were not easily done, however. The Elite Guardians and the Rebel Penguin Federation are often in contention, with one of them often making the finals.

Help Force also cannot be counted out as they aim to grab their first tournament win since Ausia Arena last year. Despite not winning a trophy in the previous year, the Templars remain a major competitor with a new leadership at the helm. We have recently seen the army go to war with the Vikings and the Guardians. They were able to secure victory against the Vikings, however, went on to lose against the Guardians. With that being said, only time will tell who will take the trophy home this year.

Finally, one of the more interesting topics outside of tournament discussion, within the realm of CPA, included the army registration minimum. Currently, the minimum size needed to be considered an official army is 10. The organisation requires leaders to post a picture of a recent event with at least 10 troops. With that being said, it has often been argued that this requirement puts people off of making new armies.

In the past, armies came in different shapes and sizes with some exceeding 40+ while others struggled to gain 5 at times. However, we have also seen the abuse of past rules in order to favour an army. This, of course, is referring to the creation of colonies to help an individual army gain more land on the map. The fear for some is that a change in the rules may allow the rules to be abused for the benefit of another army. Yet, that remains to be seen. We, as a community, have come a long way since the colony issues. One can only assume that the community has learned from this and would be able to deal with any and all problems that could occur.

And that is what’s up CPA! The last topic shown was by far the most interesting one. It has brought the question back to the forefront of the minds of community members. But will this be enough? As for the other topics, only time will tell who will win the upcoming tournament finals. One thing is for sure though, all is to play for in the upcoming Legends Cup which is set to be a double-elimination tournament. What do you think? What will be the next topic of conversation? Will YOU be featured? What’s up CPA?


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