Around The World Cup: Group Stage AUSIA Results

The newest tournament is in town and its name is Around the World Cup. The tournament has commenced, with the first very battles taking place over the weekend during AUSIA hours.

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Around the World Cup is a round-robin tournament that will take place through the week of May 18 until May 24. The top armies from each group will meet in the Grand Finals on June 1. Eight armies have decided to dip their toes into the unique tournament format. The first four battles took place over the weekend, challenging the armies to showcase their AUSIA divisions. Day one saw Army of Club Penguin take on the Winged Hussars, followed by Help Force versus Special Weapons and Tactics. Finally, day two hosted the highly anticipated Elite Guardians versus People’s Imperial Confederation rematch, ending with Dark Pirates going up against Water Vikings.

Army of Club Penguin versus Winged Hussars

Clovers managed to win all three rooms against the Winged Hussars who put up a good fight with a reported max size of five. On the other hand, the green army was able to bolster at least 23 on the battlefield. Although the Army of Club Penguin was able to push through with ease, it didn’t stop the two armies from having a fun battle where they made a smiley face formation. The Clovers are the first to gain three points on the scoreboard.

Room three of the first match

Winner: Army of Club Penguin

Help Force versus Special Weapons and Tactics

Similarly to the first battle, the Help Force were able to win all three rooms with a max size of 23. Special Weapons and Tactics, who are not well known for their AUSIA division, were able to pull through with larger than predicted numbers. In the end, the Special Weapons were not able to keep up with the well-prepared Helpers. Help Force gain three points from the battle.

Unique formations displayed by both armies

Winner: Help Force

Elite Guardians versus People’s Imperial Confederation

Compared to day one, day two was a lot more anticipated by the community. These infamous rivals were preparing to put it all on the line following a bit of smack talk on Discord servers from each side. Although People’s Imperial Confederation took an early lead in sizes during the pre-battle, it was the Elite Guardians who would go on to win the battle after winning two consecutive rooms. This battle was won on speed as both armies reported max sizes over 15. Thanks to their performance, Elite Guardians narrowly earn their three points.

Surely, this battle will be one of the best the tournament has to offer

Winner: Elite Guardians

Dark Pirates versus Water Vikings

Unfortunately, the Dark Pirates were not able to recreate the Confederation’s success as they take on the reigning March Madness IX champions, Water Vikings. Dark Pirates’ size was a major disadvantage to them, as the Vikings were able to take all three rooms with ease. In doing so, the Water Vikings earn three points while the Pirates sit at zero with the rest of the small-medium armies.

The closing AUSIA match

Winner: Water Vikings

In the end, all of the major armies ended up with three points, while the small-medium armies have yet to earn a single point. This means that it is still anyone’s game to win or lose. Next up are the EU time zone matchups, occurring on Tuesday and Wednesday. After that, the NA time zone battles very well may decide the group stage winners. Which battles are you most looking forward to on Tuesday and Wednesday?


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