Dark Pirates Celebrate First Anniversary

After making a bright shine in the Club Penguin Army community, the Dark Pirates have turned a year old. Only being active for a year, the army has already made a name for themselves and created countless moments in the community. This anniversary is truly one of the most important and major events for the Dark Pirates.

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On May 6, 2023, Ninja Leader and DefenderTide founded the Dark Pirates of Club Penguin. The army saw a lot of opportunities to shine within the community. During the Bloodbath Barrage, the Dark Pirates notably participated in the war by joining the Sapphire Concordat alongside the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Special Weapons and Tactics. Together, the alliance defeated the Dark Vikings thus winning & ending the war. Shortly after, they would participate in the Legends Cup XIII where they went against the Templars. Unfortunately for the Dark Pirates, they lost against the Crusaders. The army was already at its peak and would even be on the Top Ten Armies Leaderboard.

Dark Pirates in a battle against TCP during Legends Cup XIII

Unfortunately however on August 15, 2023, the army went fully inactive and the captains announced the official shutdown of the Dark Pirates.

Dark Pirates’ last event before their shutdown

Over 7 months after its shutdown, the army once again announced its return to CPA. This time, Ninja Leader led the Pirates without the army’s co-founder Tide who retired long before the army dissolved. The army made another breakthrough through the community by returning to the Top Ten Armies Leaderboard, placing eleventh. Whilst the Pirates worked to build back their sizes, they still faced obstacles along the way. After experiencing growth and overcoming challenges, they finally reached the first-anniversary mark. The Dark Pirates logged on to CPA: Battleground and celebrated the army’s creation on May 6, 2024.

DPC’s first-anniversary event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Ninja Leader for a special interview about Dark Pirates’ anniversary.

 How do you personally feel about the anniversary?

I feel really happy its been a year since the army has been made and we did many great things in this period of time and i feel really proud

 What were some memorable moments you had during your time in DPC?

All the moments have been memorable but spending my time with tide is the best moment and sapphire concordat when we did war against dark vikings with our favorite allies pic!

How do you envision the army evolving or growing in the coming days?

The army has being growing since our second generation opening event our average EU max is 10 right we aim to train hard and get more sizes

Are there any specific goals or initiatives you have planned for the army’s future?

Yes win tournaments and upcoming wars with my army and gain new things and have fun with my troops and staff

How do you plan to maintain momentum and engagement within the army?

By planning events and gaining peoples attention and being friendly and helpful

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day as they say, but for the Dark Pirates, it’s a new start. Their passion for growth and greater things in the community is undeniable given all they’ve experienced in just a year. As they continue to improve, there’s no doubt they will become an extremely powerful force in the community. How do you think the future will go for the Pirates?


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