Memorable Moments With Dillon

Dillon was a key player in the success of armies migrating to private servers after the shutdown of Club Penguin. In this edition of Memorable Moments, we approached Dillon to find out about his most fond memories in armies.

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Dillon started his journey in Club Penguin armies in 2012. The first army he joined was the Light Troops. The army was created by Ioioluk in March 2011. Before the Light Troops were created, they were formerly known as the Blue Miners Army. In 2015, the Light Troops would rebrand themselves, reviving the original name.

This eventually led to Dillon’s return to armies, closer to 2017. With Club Penguin’s closure, he was unsure of where to go next. From there, he found himself in an army he is most known for today: Underground Mafias Army (UMA). He would lead the infamous army as its main figurehead until 2018. In fact, Dillon is credited as one of the pioneer leaders in 2017, ushering in the private server era for the community.

An hour into an intense battle

Therefore, to better understand his favorite moments, Club Penguin Armies approached Dillon for an exclusive interview.

What inspired you to lead Underground Mafias Army in 2017, during a time of uncertainty?

That uncertainty was what inspired me. I thought that armies had been needing fresh leaders for years, and the jump to Club Penguin Rewritten was our way to get to that point.

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