What’s Up Club Penguin Armies? #3

Welcome to What’s Up CPA, the post where we take a look at some of the recent conversations within Community Chat. Recently, wars have been declared but is the Community Chat still thriving? Let’s find out!

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What’s up CPA?! It’s that time again, the time when I wonder what to do with my life by scrolling through Community Chat. All jokes aside, a new war has been declared with two other wars ending. It is clear to see that the army scene is thriving but is the Community Chat? Let’s find out what has been talked about in CPA recently.

On April 25th, Kyle shared a controversial tweet about one of Manchester United’s star players, Marcus Rashford. The 26-year-old has spent most of his career with Man United, training in their academy from the age of seven. When he eventually broke into the main team, he was seen as a prodigy and soon lived up to the hype. Arguably, one of his best seasons was in 2019/20 when he played 31 games, scoring 17 times, and assisting 7 goals. Yet, in recent years, he has come under fire for underperforming, much like the club overall.

Kyle shared the tweet which showed a fan claiming the left-winger should be the first to leave the club, over Antony. While not much was said about the tweet in the chat, it is clear to see Kyle is watching as fans flock to X. Following this, both Kyle and Caitlin had a laugh at Chelsea’s recent game against Arsenal where they got hammered by 5-0.

In other news, the NFL draft happened on the last night. This saw American football fans light up with anticipation to see what would occur. Zay pointed out that Dallas was dying thinking about what happened/ what would happen in the draft. Many players were being eyed up by the Cowboys, however, many of those were snatched up by other teams. Originally, they were set to pick at number 24 but that soon changed to number 29. By the time the Cowboys got to the 29th overall pick, there was only one person on their list who had not been snatched up. This was Tyler Guyton. Despite their wait, they believe they have picked up the best player on their list, leaving Dallas in shock.

While some people are eyeing up the NFL draft, Master DS is celebrating their birthday. Many community members have wished the well-known Graphic Designer/Rebel Penguin Federation member a ‘Happy Birthday’ as they aim to celebrate in style. If you are just finding out that it is their birthday, what are you waiting for? Go and wish them a happy birthday!

Two interesting pieces of information flooded into the chat yesterday as AustinFraud revealed Head Mods have no friends. Austin and Aisha were recently promoted to Head Moderator to serve alongside Sanya and Mare on April 21st. However, he soon found out that now that he has power, those around him have fleed. It is well known throughout the community that Head Mod Sanya is ban-crazy. Their passion for banning people is greater than Mchappy‘s passion for armies. It could be argued that because of this, people wish to avoid Austin to keep themselves safe. It is advised that if you want to stay in the community, keep clear of Sanya when he’s on a banning spree (every day!!!).

Also, just before this piece of information was released, Mare declared that her only friend left was dying. It is an unfortunate circumstance that Head Mods have no friends. However, their faithful friend and companion is now on its last legs. We, at Club Penguin Armies wish Mare’s laptop a speedy recovery. We all know how heartbreaking this is for Mare and hope her laptop can recover. If it does not, her bank account will also be in severe pain. No one wishes to see that for Mare. Get well soon Mare’s laptop.

Recently, the Army of Club Penguin declared war on the Water Vikings but forget about that war! We have a new war on the horizon! The Caitlin army is officially attempting to take over the entirety of CPA! Both ACP and WV have been the topic of discussion since the war declaration was released. However, while all this is happening, Caitlin is forming her own army. They are able to sneak under the radar without many people noticing, stealing any troop they can. This cult is now invading the Club Penguin Armies server and has taken control over some mods, including Head Mod Mare!!! All we can do is watch as they recruit new members. We advise that you lock your doors and turn off your computer before they try turning you into Caitlin too!

Despite my original thoughts, it seems that the Community Chat is still active with many conversations being held. With a new war on the horizon and the Caitlin army taking over, activity will only increase. With that being said, there should be a lot more to talk about next time around. And that’s what’s up CPA! What will be the next topic of conversation? Will YOU be featured? What’s up CPA?


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