This Week in CPA History: World War Rewritten

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to the third edition of This Week in CPA History, where we dive in each week into our precious history! This week we will be looking into World War Rewritten, the first major war on Club Penguin Rewritten and Club Penguin Armies: The Game, between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin!

TheManWithThePlan’s Expose

World War Rewritten started on approximately April 24th, 2020, approximately a year back from now. The war started when a secret persona, TheManWithThePlan, published a website that contained shocking exposes of the Army of Club Penguin (ACP). The website included screenshots of ACP High Command members talking about the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF), the Help Force (HF), and Club Penguin Army Media (CPAM), the general media outlet for all armies at the time. These messages caused tension between the armies and organizations mentioned. ACP wrote their own post against TheManWithThePlan later that same day (click HERE to read this post), but many community members had made their mind up on how they felt about the messages.

Website of the secretive “TheManWithThePlan”

The Start of the War

RPF declared war 3 days later(click HERE to read it), stating that the Army of Club Penguin had defended itself minimally and that there was a lot more than mere “friendly trash-talking” in the expose. Soon after RPF had declared war, ACP responded that the RPF was bullying a much smaller army, by not letting it use allies. Due to this, one of ACP’s close allies, Chaos, declared war on RPF and scheduled invasions on them. The next day, the Kings of CPR also declared war on RPF stating that they needed to help their allies. The first four battles of the war happened on April 28th, where RPF invaded Mammoth, while Chaos invaded RPF’s servers,  Deep Freeze and Beanie.

Terms of war from RPF

From a Minor War to World War

On April 29th, the Warlords of Kosmos (WOK) declared war on Chaos in support of the RPF, while the People’s Imperial Confederation (PIC) declared war on ACP to support their allies (RPF). The ACP exchanged a declaration with the PIC later that same day. While the community was in chaos, the Lime Green Army (LGA) declared war on ACP and transferred their servers to the RPF, stating:

ACP used to be our ally last year. However, as time as told, our only true ally was the Rebel Penguin Federation. ACP and the Wild Ninjas were all faking. The higher command done with ACP bullying us and our brother ally. And, we are sick and tired of the Chaos army’s presence.

Soon after this declaration, Chaos and ACP replied to this post declaring war on LGA.  invaded Tuxedo, the RPF capital at the time. This battle was one of the biggest battles in the CPPS Era, with “over 250 penguins from 10 different armies logged on”. Both sides stated that they won. The next day brought 2 more battles, with ACP and Chaos invading RPF and WOK invading Chaos.

With these invasions came even more declarations of war: the Pizza Federation had declared war on RPF in support of ACP, and the HF declared war on ACP. The Help Force stated that they “can not stay on the sidelines any longer.” Even more surprising was the Recon Federation of CP’s(RFCP) declaration of war on the RPF in support of their enemies, ACP. The Kings of CPR made a return into the headlines when they declared war on WOK and ended off April 30th.

The End of the War

On the final day of fighting, the RPF, HF, and WOK all invaded one server of Chaos each, with WOK counter-declaring war on PZF. After four days of fighting, however, all the armies involved were tired of the war. Coming to realizations, the ACP and RPF ceased battle and created a treaty stopping any possible wars between them. That day also saw WOK and Chaos also ceasing fire and becoming allies, while HF came to a cease-fire with ACP. Chaos came to an agreement with RPF to end the war and accepting the RPF as the winners of the war. PIC and ACP also ended their war, creating a peaceful future in the CPR/CPATG side of armies for some time. The RFCP did declare war on ACP for ceasing fire on RPF, but the ACP simply brushed this declaration of war aside, stating that “the war has ended”.

One of the biggest wars in recent memory had come to a conclusion, ultimately leaving every army feeling that there was less impact than what they desired.

What do YOU think? Do you think that this war was justified? Do you think that the war was clearly won by either alliance? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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