Memorable Moments with Kingfunks4

Kingfunks4 has been a fundamental player in the army community, leaving a lasting legacy. In this edition of Memorable Moments, we approached KingFunks to find out his memorable moments in armies.

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2013 Army Legend, Kingfunks4 has contributed significantly to several armies since he joined Club Penguin armies in 2009/10. At the start of his career, he joined the Army of Club Penguin. He learned the ropes in the army and ranked up to the position of leader. However, his reign did not last long. In a post made in 2020, Funks stated that he was inexperienced at the time. This led to his time in the army being short.

He went on to create the Puffle Warriors which, after some struggles, went on to win a CPAE tournament. He returned to ACP, eventually leading them, once again, to maxes of 35+. Following his coup from ACP in April 2013, he went on to lead the Federation and then Water Vikings. He came to lead the Vikings after merging the Federation into it. He helped them rise in the Top Tens to second place. This time is regarded as the ‘Blue Summer of 2013’ by the Vikings.

Later in the year, Funks discovered the realm of the Ice Warriors. He started in the army as Fourth-in-Command and soon climbed to the leadership in May 2014. At the Legends Cup V in 2014, he proved his leadership skills after defeating the Nachos in the grand finals. This tournament win provided him with a taste of glory in the major army scene. He also went on to win the Conquest Games with them.

The Ice Warriors claimed the Legends Cup V trophy under the leadership of Kingfunks4

He retired from the army in November but went on to have another short stint in the army mid-2015. He also returned to both ACP and WV, helping the Vikings to fight their way to the Legends Cup finals in 2015. They also reached heights of 80+ under his leadership tenures. He cemented his legacy within the Vikings’ army as a legend and one of their greatest leaders.

Funks had been on a hiatus from 2017 to 2019. However, as the Coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe in 2020, veterans made a spontaneous return. One of these veterans was Kingfunks4. He revived the Water Vikings after rebranding the Golden Guardians while resuming his leadership in the army. Kingfunks4 has also administered Club Penguin army media organizations by taking up hereditary positions. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer at Club Penguin Army Central four times. He also served as an Advisor at the Club Penguin Army Hub in 2020. Kingfunks4 soon retired from the army league scene and, alongside this, he retired from the Water Vikings. His last few words he published were:

The final thing I can say is – have fun and enjoy yourselves. Remember that this is a game, and your priority should be having fun with the people around you – otherwise what is the point? I will always be thinking about you all.

Water Vikings in 2020

Throughout his army career, he has built fond relationships with Bluesockwa, Zakdude, Bepboy, Max, Regan, and many more. In addition to this, he created the Championship Cup and the Christmas Chaos tournaments during his time administering CPAC. His merit is evident because he has appeared on the Person of the Year nominations list every year between 2012–2014.

Club Penguin Armies approached Kingfunks4 for an exclusive interview.

How was your time in Club Penguin armies?

I had an incredible time in CP Armies. It’s been such a journey and that’s why it’s been hard to let go in more recent times. I have got on with so many people over the last 15 years, some of whom I have known from the start, and all of those people have made it an incredible experience. I’ve loved all the drama, all the planning and all of the relationships I have built. CP armies is an experience that you would struggle to adequately describe to people outside of our community, it shouldn’t work but it just does.

What inspired you to choose the Water Vikings as your last and favorite abode?

I have been involved in the Water Vikings since 2013 and it was my final army since 2016 – so it’s been a long time. There’s two major factors – the first is that alongside my leadership of the Ice Warriors it was by far my most successful spell within a leadership. But more importantly the people within the Water Vikings are just incredible – it is an atmosphere that I have not experienced in any other army. Only my early years in ACP came close to this really.

There’s been so many people involved in the army that have shaped our history, from Buddy Aaron Dash Bep Adden and Zak, to Pj Gun Change Dino and many many others. We have all been on the same wavelength and had so many memories together.

What were your most memorable events during your army career?

My most memorable events during my army career is hard to pinpoint because there’s been so many. The three legends cup finals I led in are a particular highlight, and the journeys to those in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Obviously winning this tournament with IW was incredible, and the growth of WV to reach these points was remarkable as it was us showing the army community we were a serious competitor. There’s been other events that stand out, like the winning battle in the White vs Black Alliance war as ACP leader, or actually (as a serious suggestion) the Puffle Warriors going toe to toe with the Roman Fire Warriors in the original legends cup tournament. There’s been so many events and highlights to look back on so there will have been others that I missed off.

Do you have any advice on leading an army or developing an army organization effectively?

It’s hard work to develop an army or organisation into success. Looking at the army aspect, you need to develop a capable team around you to drive that success. I could not have achieved what I did in armies like WV and IW without the people I had to help me. When things did not go as successfully, like Federation or ACP, I lacked a team that I could rely on. It takes time to build success, the Water Vikings for example have only recently become self sustaining and it’s taken us years to become an established world power like RPF, ACP etc.

In terms of leading a news or media organisation, you need the solid foundations in order to succeed. CP Army HQ was successful in the sense that it had a clear vision of innovation for the community, and again there was a team of capable people like Max Spotty and DMT. Media requires trust and respect to succeed in the long term, something HQ lost in the long term. CPA Central was such an incredible part of my journey in armies, and when I was CEO later on in the journey of the organisation I felt more trusted by the community due to the experience I had built up.

Do you have a message to present to the army community? If so, what is it?

My message to the community is to not let the way things are done drift. The community is actually in a fairly decent place, the doom dayers saying the community is dying are wrong – armies will flourish for many years to come. I have seen this happen so many times. Armies do however need to find something outside of the major tournaments to keep the drive going – what attracts your average recruit to this community outside the major tournaments? I have always advocated with people like Superhero for an army league or regular season format – I feel something like this would be amazing for the community.

In conclusion, Kingfunks4 has left a lasting impact on the army community. He has created several pages of history for the community, which are still relevant to us today. He paved the way both as a leader and as a media representative. Even though he is retired, he still holds fond memories of his time in the community. Did you have any memorable moments with Kingfunks4? What are your memorable moments? 

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