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Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of a community member. In this edition, we will explore the life of Frickle, who currently serves as a Community Committee member.

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Frickle first joined the army community on November 6th 2020. Before joining the army community, he was just an average person, chilling on Discord. Soon enough, he was messaged about joining the Ice Warriors. He had no knowledge of armies prior to this but thought it looked cool so he joined. From there, he started to learn more about the army and the community.

2020 was like no other year for armies as it saw armies like Ice Warriors enter a golden age, hitting max sizes of 100+. These numbers were unprecedented but showed that IW was a goliath not to be taken lightly. Yet, they saw first-hand the impact that the discontinuation of Flash had on armies. For Frickle, this was different because he had recently joined the community and seeing the transition from Flash could have scared many people. Yet, he stayed with the army through the transition with the hope that they will soon be able to start up again as an army.

They revived as an army in February 2021 after discontinuing their army activities a month prior.  Yet, their experience only got better from here as the IW witnessed success in the March Madness tournament just two months after reviving. Despite the move from Flash to HTML, they were still able to max over 100.

IW in the March Madness Finals

Frickle continued to work in the army to rise up the ranks. Along the way, he saw multiple changes occur within the army. These were both in and out of the leadership. Yet, the Warriors were always fighting for the top spot in the Top Tens while trying to better themselves in tournaments.

While seeing the changes take place, Frickle saw an opportunity to become staff along the way and took it. He worked hard and earned the role. But, in February 2022, he decided he needed a break from armies. This break saw him out of the community for four months, returning on June 22nd. A lot had happened since he had left, including the Warriors winning the 2022 March Madness tournament. However, he was not ready to join back fully. He did not take up his responsibility as a staff member but, instead, he spent his time there as a troop. He went on to witness many shocking events occur.

In August 2022, the Warriors saw a change many thought would never happen. Iceyfeet1234 announced his final retirement from the army’s leadership. To many, he was a pillar of the community that was always going to be there. However, his retirement meant that the Warriors would have to learn to survive without him at the helm. By November, they silently exited the Club Penguin Armies league but continued to host events.

Ice Warriors during an event

The Warriors shut down in March 2023 but Frickle remained active in the server, enjoying their non-army activities. This was not his last stint in armies though. On July 30th, he joined the Friendly Gamers’ leadership, helping them to find their feet in the community. But, this only lasted a couple of months. The gamers found their feet in the community becoming a regular in armies, as a small/medium army. But, the army decided to return to its roots as a gaming server on October 8th. However, their last event saw them break their own max size record, reaching 22 penguins.

Since then, Frickle has remained unaffiliated from armies and is currently not enlisted in one. He currently holds a position within CPA’s Community Committee team, helping them perform their duties. Outside of armies, Frickle has many hobbies such as art and gaming. He first got into drawing about three years ago and draws on occasion. Unfortunately, we could not get any pictures from his sketchbook but we cannot wait to see his talent.

As well as drawing, he enjoys playing games like Minecraft, Roblox, Terraria, Euchre and War. These are just some of the games he likes but he prefers one-player games to PVP/others. For some, PVP games can become frustrating to play, especially if you are on the losing side. Understandably, they may not love these games but still play them at times. As well as all of this, he studies History in college and is a Leader in Training in the Ice Warriors’ server.

Club Penguin Armies interviewed Frickle to find out who they are behind the scenes.

What’s inspired you to continue your journey in armies throughout these past years?

Tbh I’m not sure. Most of my closest army friends left over a year ago who I still talk to, I guess I’ve really just stayed in armies for myself, nothing specific inspired me. Only thing I can think of is seeing something in armies that i dunno, I just feel I wanna help thrive as much as I can even if its just posting a poll a week.

Do you have any plans or aspirations for the future regarding your position in Ice Warriors and CPA? (What are your goals)

I dont have tons of plans and goals for either (should probably start thinking abt that soon NGL). The only things off the top of my head that I consider goals/plans are pretty simple. Ensure the community is safe, well, and alive of course. I also plan on helping hosting stuff whether thats a poll, game, or something like the grams in CPA or helping with events in IW.

What’s a typical day like for Frickle away from armies?

Hard question since my schedule changes frequently. Typically on week days i spend a lot of my morning/afternoon at class and doing studies. Most afternoons I have different things to work on, such as work, projects, or sports. For the weekends typically it changes quite often so there isnt a specific routine or anything I follow so I cant give much specifics on that.

Do you have any other interests or hobbies other than CPA you enjoy during your free time?

Yes I do stuff other than CPA surprisingly. I enjoy running, doing arts such as painting, and I also sing. I am also interested in cooking/baking type stuff.

Is there anything during your army career you regret?

There’s not many specific ARMY related stuff, but something sorta relevant is: A lot of people said I’d regret rejoining IW as the lowest troop rank when I was 5ic before, but I dont tbh. A lot changed since the last time I joined so I wanted to get re used to everything even if that meant starting over. The amount of time it takes me to get to where I am doesn’t mean anything or change much imo.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to join the CPA team?

COMMUNICATION IS KEY!! Thats said quite often but ill say it again. If you join the CPA team, people are very willing to help, if you need something just ask. Also if you’re struggling to join the team because your first application got declined, there’s no harm in submitting a new application next time they’re out.

It seems like there is a lot about Frickle that we did not know. Despite being unaffiliated within the army community, he remains an active part of the Ice Warriors outside armies. With that said, will we see Frickle enter the army scene again any time soon? Will he rise up to become a Community Committee Head? We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

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