Friendly Gamers Cease Army Operations

Having returned to the community not too long ago, Friendly Gamers have decided to abandon their Club Penguin Armies operations and turn back into a gaming server. What’s next for their community and is a return in their future?

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Friendly Gamers began operating as an army in 2020, under the leadership of JakobTFG. However, they could not reach the heights they aimed for and went on to shut down. They later were reopened by Jakob, operating as a gaming server earlier this year. However, a few months back, they announced their decision to resume their operations as a Club Penguin army. The army leadership consisted of Jakob and Frickle.

FG announcing their comeback

The army held its reopening event on July 30 and had a maximum size of 21. The decision to reopen was followed by quick success as they were able to manage to grab the sixth position in their first Top Ten itself. Soon, things began to slow down as the leaders were not able to provide sufficient time for the army. This indeed resulted in a lot of cancelled events, and their size began to decrease gradually.

Re-opening event

Unfortunately, Friendly Gamers saw itself dropping from the Top Ten numerous times due to doing no events. Following this huge period of inactivity, Frickle posted an announcement on October 3, announcing their transition into a gaming server. Per their website post, the stated reason for this decision was that the leaders were no longer able to spend time on the growth of the army. The army hosted one last Battleground event on October 8, reaching 22 and breaking their size record.

October 8: Friendly Gamers’ final Battleground event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to JakobTFG to learn more about their decision, and the future of Friendly Gamers.

What were the circumstances leading up to Friendly Gamer’s closure?

The main reasons if our closure was because of how understaffed we were and our activity between becoming a gaming server and CPA army dropped a lot. Also, the members in our community have preferred that we stay a gaming server. Doing this also allows me and Frickle to have less of a burden on our backs as well so we can continue to grow as a gaming server again.

Do you see yourselves returning as an army?

I don’t think we will have a return. But if we do, we’ll make a comeback in the summertime for full force.

Jakob, can we expect you to join any other armies?

I think I’m done with armies for good, however I’ll still hang around in this community because I’ve made so many memories in it over the past 3 years. If I do join another army, I’ll look into either ACP or HF. The situation of me going into another army though is unlikely.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

[Friendly Gamers] still has a bunch of plans for the future, and we hope that we can grow more than we did as a gaming server instead of an army. We will also be constantly keeping in touch with our allies to have possible joint events in the future, not in CPAB. Friendly gamers forever!

Unfortunately, it would appear that another small/medium mainstay has permanently closed its doors. With the community as a whole dwindling, the more losses we take the more we have to question: how do we fix this? Jakob will continue to chat around and support the community. But, does he really mean it when he says Friendly Gamers won’t return? How do we increase the number of armies competing under the CPA banner?

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