Club Penguin Armies Introduces New Columns

As a new month begins, we are excited to announce some changes with respect to our columns. Starting from the week of March 17th, we wish to introduce some new columns and discontinue some of the existing ones, in hopes of retaining engagement within the community.

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Club Penguin Armies has been continuing with the current set of columns since September of last year, with one of the columns completing one year of existence in our media. Thus, we have decided to bring some fresh changes to our content, and are hoping to see the response for the same. After a discussion with the Editors, we feel that two of our columns have served their time and purpose and need to be replaced with new columns. As of lately, we are discontinuing Army Front and Higher Command Life Stories.

When we had initially started the Army Front column, it was with the aim of throwing light on an army in particular and covering not only its history but where it stands today, and all the aspects that make up the army, them being its’ structure, constitution, culture, and economy, while also mentioning the accomplishments and progress throughout its existence. We believe, that in hopes of achieving this, we have covered all the current armies in this community, wherein with each edition, we have featured one army, and there is no new content that we can produce at the moment regarding this theme.

As for Higher Command Life Stories, we are delighted to term it as one of our longest-running columns, which has completed one year since its inception, and while we have thoroughly enjoyed delving into the history and lives of such incredible Higher Command members of this community, we feel that the list has been exhausted there as well for the time being.

Substituting these two columns, it is with great pleasure, that we introduce two new additions to our column content – Army Rivalries and Memorable Moments with…X. Without further ado, let us delve into what each of these columns is about, and the way we have envisioned them to be.

1. Army Rivalries

As the name suggests, this column will solely focus on army rivalries, with each edition featuring a well-known or lesser-known conflict between two or more armies that have shaped the history of this community. Be it old or new, we wish to cover every rivalry that has been witnessed, in detail, shedding light on the inception, history, events, and consequences of the particular rivalry, that may have made an impact in today’s army community.

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2. Memorable Moments With… X

This is a column mainly focusing on one or more memorable moments that a particular person has had over their time in this community, be it a war, an anniversary, or any memory that holds some kind of significance to them within this sphere. Each edition will feature a different person talking about their specific memorable moment(s) and this way, we wish to interview not only veterans and legends but new members of the army community who are equally valued for their contribution. For example, to give a clearer explanation of what this column would cover, Edu (the person picked) could mention a memorable moment from this community as a battle between Templars and Elite Guardians. The column would have a statement of him describing his memorable moment(s), providing further information about that moment and how it came to pass, in addition to an interview with him to understand why the moment(s) is relevant to him.

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It has always been our priority to provide the community with content that is not limited to news and current events solely. Columns have always sparked an interest in the readers, as they not only provide a new perspective on media but encourage discussion and conversation from the community. We thank you for the love and support that you have given us so far and hope that these changes will only improve engagement and participation from your side!

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