Power Couple Results

On February 24th competitors logged onto Club Penguin Journey to compete in the Community Committee’s second annual Power Couple Competition. Six couples competed, but only one could receive this year’s Power Couple title. Let us take a look at how things played out.

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The idea for the Power Couple Competition was originally created by Mchappy and is hosted by the Community Committee. In this competition, couples competed in a series of mini-games on Club Penguin Journey which included: Smoothie Smash, Pizzzatron3000, and Hydro Hopper. The couple with the highest combined scores from the mini-games would be the Power Couple. Then, couples logged onto Club Penguin Battleground to compete in the second leg of the competition which is a fashion contest. Furthermore, the couple who won the fashion contest would be deemed the Stylish Couple. The winners of both titles would receive a special role in the Club Penguin Armies server. The results of this competition are as stated below.

Power Couple Participants

The winners of the Fashion Competition: Mogi and Frickle 

Mogi and Frickle’s outfits entitled “Karma is my Boyfriend”

The first game that the couples played was Smoothie Smash. In this game, team Domino’s – which included Alucard and Calgo – came out victorious. Followed closely by team tummy ache survivors with Cassie and Sweater. The totals from all couples are as follows.

Furthermore, the couples participated in a classic game of Pizzatron 3000. Team tummy ache survivors emerged victorious with team Red and Gold Leaders including Elsa and Zomb in second place.

The final game of the competition was a returning favorite from last year’s Power Couple Competition: Hydro Hopper. Thus, team tummy ache survivors continued to show dominance, winning this competition, followed by team Red and Gold Leaders. 

After three rounds of vigorous mini-game competition, only one team could take home the title of Power Couple. Thus, after showing their mini-game skills and consistently showing up in the top three team tummy ache survivors were this year’s power couple! Second place was awarded to team Domino’s and third place went to team Red and Gold Leaders. In conclusion, the total scores of all teams are below.

Therefore, we reached out to the winners of the Power Couple Competition to get some insight into how they could dominate this competition.

What was your overall experience competing in this competition? 

Cassie: Coming up with an outfit was really fun and I enjoyed the pick of minigames too. Especially Smoothie Smash as that used to be my favourite game.

Sweater: It was fun. Me and Cassie enjoy playing games together / against each other anyways so it was not much different to a usual night for us but we had a blast.

Did the announcement of your victory surprise you?

Cassie: Not really 😂 we were pretty satisfied with our outfits anyways, but we’re also complete try hards when it comes to minigames

Sweater: No we are the best e-couple after all 🤣


Lastly do you have any insight for people who are thinking about competing in this competition next time?


Sweater: I say if you have the night to spare, do it. Me and Cassie had a lot of fun and if you enjoy these minigames then you’d love the competition.

In conclusion, a huge thank you to the community committee for helping put this event on! In addition, a shoutout to all the competitors who gave up some of their time on a Saturday to join us. This is the second time Club Penguin Armies has used Club Penguin Journey to host one of our events. What are your thoughts on the Power Couple Competition?


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