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Card-Jitsu made its name as one of the most amusing and nostalgic Club Penguin mini-games. Today, we will explore how this nostalgia lives on by asking community members about their favorite cards from the game and how these memories continue to resonate after a long time.


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Card-Jitsu was a multiplayer mini-game in Club Penguin, playable through mats in the Dojo. The game was launched on November 17th, 2008, following the Dojo’s Excavation. Between November 3rd and 11th, there was a storm followed by an avalanche that hit the Dojo, leaving it covered in snow. In the now-accessible Dojo Courtyard, there was a sign on the torii (the large red gate) that said “DIG OUT THE DOJO.” A gray penguin named ”??????” encouraged other penguins to dig out. Later, the penguin turned out to be the notable Sensei.


Dojo Excavation in November 2008

The Grand Re-Opening of the Dojo took place between November 11th and 17th, beginning shortly after the end of the Dojo Excavation to celebrate the Dojo’s return. The decoration featured Chinese and Japanese themes, and inside the Dojo, a special feature named the Gong Show occurred every 5 minutes. There was also a sign announcing the launch of the Card-Jitsu as a playable mini-game.

On a player’s first visit, they had to talk to Sensei. Thus, he would give the player their first Ninja Deck with nine basic cards from the three elements and one or two Special Cards of random elements. After that, they were free to challenge other players to earn belts and level up to the coveted black belt.

Dojo’s Grand Re-Opening

Card-Jitsu operates like rock-paper-scissors: each round, both players select a card from their available deck. Fire-type cards beat snow-type cards, snow-type cards beat water-type cards, and water-type cards beat fire-type cards. If the two cards are of the same element, the card with the higher number wins. If they are of the same element and the same number, it results in a tie. After they use a card, another card from the player’s deck replaces it.

To win the game, the player needs to win three rounds with cards of the same element and different colors or with cards of different elements and different colors. As the player wins more games, they progress in their journey to obtain more belts. After obtaining the black belt, it was possible to challenge and defeat the Sensei, finally becoming a Ninja. Of course, the game did not allow the player to defeat the Sensei before obtaining the black belt. Card-Jitsu became so beloved by players that the game transcended the virtual and became a reality! Ninja Decks could be purchased to play with friends in real life.

Special Cards Displayed Special Animations in a Match

Knowing that many members of our community hold their Club Penguin memories close to their hearts, Club Penguin Armies approached some of them to ask what were their favorite cards from the game.

Aaronstone42, Army Legend: it looks cool and it was OP

Zoomey, Army Community: As a kid a found the animation that comes with it when you won the card funny

Shallissa, Managing Editor: I forgot my favorite card but I relate to this one on a spiritual level bc it’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m eating bread

Alucard, People’s Imperial Confederation: Based on the animation, has to be either the Jackhammer or the Plunger

Aisha, Moderator: Ooo wait it has to be the sled racing one. The way it just makes the other opponent flip LOL and they land on their *ss.

Sled Racer Card Animation

Dillon, Water Vikings: jackhammer. i dunno i just find the idea of harming someone with a jackhammer funny. also its like the first power card i can remember using. like bro is planning to murder someone


Izzy, Community Committee: 12 fire yellow pencil dojo. I like how the penguin scribbles. I also like the water special card with the octopus
There were a total of 168 Card-Jitsu cards in Club Penguin. Of course, the special cards are the dearest ones to our community. Whether it is because of the special animations or their rarity, nostalgia certainly lives on. Nonetheless, now, it is YOUR turn to answer the question: what is YOUR favorite Card-Jitsu card? Have you ever played the mini-game in the original Club Penguin?

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