HCOM Life Stories: Zomb from Templars

Welcome to the thirty-sixth edition of the “Higher Command Life Stories” column. In this week’s edition, we got in touch with Zomb, who currently holds the rank of Second-in-Command in Templars.


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Zomb joined the army community last year. At that time, he was re-entering his Club Penguin phase out of pure nostalgia. While playing New Club Penguin, he stumbled upon two armies – the Dark Vikings and the Dark Pirates. Between these two, Zomb initially chose DV but quickly changed his mind, finding himself in DP just a week later. 

Zomb remembers his time in DP as a joyful and very fun time. During his journey in the army, he managed to earn a higher command rank. At a certain point in his journey with the Pirates, he noticed that the army started to lose its momentum. This convinced Zomb to join another army and he eventually enlisted in the Templars in July 2023. He has been with them ever since, and within seven months, he achieved the rank of Knight of the Wyrd, the Second-in-Command.

Zomb event

Zomb in a SWAT vs. TCP battle

During his time in the Templars, Zomb has witnessed several eventful moments, with the war against Special Weapons and Tactics and the Christmas Crusade being his most memorable ones. He felt very involved in those, really enjoying the group hype and fun that came with them. He also humorously mentions praying for his Internet not to crash during them, to not miss out on any moment. 

As a higher command, Zomb’s main responsibility is recruiting new members, getting to know them, and helping them integrate. He also ensures that members feel comfortable in the army and possibly helps them contribute to TCP’s growth. In his opinion, the best part of being an HCOM is getting to know the rest of the team, aiding in organizing events, and having the opportunity to submit ideas to improve the army. For him, working to become a Higher Command is a worthwhile experience, especially if you want to help the army grow.

EGCP vs TCP Christmas Crusade battle

Club Penguin Armies obtained an interview with Zomb to find out more about his journey and plans regarding the army.

Zomb, do you have any goals related to Templars?

I simply want to ensure the army grows prosperous and involved in its battles and future expansion plans. I do want to climb up further in the ranks, but I believe prioritizing the prosperity of my army beforehand through any honorable means is of far greater importance.

What are your feelings about the entire journey? Are you happy you got the chance to join the armies?

The journey certainly had its highs and lows, but overall I would say that I am proud of how far I got simply out of the love I bear for Club Penguin and now the army community. Sure, it was not all easy or pleasant, but there is no reason why I would see myself quitting any time soon. And to you reading this, do not quit either. No matter whether its aspirations in the CPA Community or in something in your own personal life. Do not be afraid of that urge to pursue that which you love doing, as it will make you happier in the long run and make you grow in ways you never thought were possible. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and TCP as a whole. DEUS VULT! <3 <3

Is there anyone who inspired you to get this far during your journey?

Mocha and Dawnables. Mocha was there for me every step of the way from DV to TCP. Her kindness, encouragement and constant stance to do what was right for her army are attributes I chose to carry on in my own journey in this community. Dawnables also showed me what it really is like to be in a leadership position. Not only has she taught me responsibility and competence within the ranks, but her determination, her passion and her love for TCP have served as a major source of inspiration for my own aptitudes as part of TCP’s HCOM, as well as being a part of TCP overall. Thank you for everything! <3

Do you have any advice for those aspiring to become an HCOM?

Simple: do not sleep on one ear. Being HCOM is not just goofing around in VC and getting to boss newbies around. You must make sure your troops old and new are invested in the growth and stability of your army and ensure top notch performance during any event. A strong and determined bunch of troops is an accomplishment for any HCOM that is worth fighting for, as well as being cool to everyone and engaging with your community.

During his time in armies, Zomb achieved a lot, while making it a memorable and fun experience. It is visible that he is passionate about it and enjoys being a higher command in Templars. Club Penguin Armies wish him the best of luck for the future! Do you think Zomb will lead Templars in the future? Will the community witness him doing great things for Templars?

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