War Update: The Clash Between Knights and Agents

In a move that shocked many, the Special Weapons and Tactics declared war on the Templars, marking the beginning of several battles that erupted during this last week. With six intense battles having already taken place, the war score has begun to trend in one army’s favor.

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On August 16th, the Special Weapons and Tactics [SWAT] issued a war declaration on the Templars [TCP]. In an interview with Club Penguin Armies, the SWAT Supreme Commander, Legoman, stated that the reason behind the war declaration was none other than mutual hype. Following the declaration, SWAT proceeded to schedule two invasions of the Knights’ land. In response, the Templars scheduled two invasions against the Agents, accepting the war call. Three days of invasions have passed and yet more battles are set to take place during the coming week.

Special Weapons and Tactics’ Invasion of Pompeii

The war officially began with SWAT’s invasion of Pompeii. With a small size advantage of three to five penguins for SWAT in the first room, the battle was deemed to be a close one. However, in a surprising comeback, the Templars were able to counter SWAT’s size with cleaner and neater formations. This led to the Knights’ victory in rooms one and two. Due to SWAT’s size increase and TCP’s decrease during room three, the final room was declared a tie. With a battle score of 2-1-0 (win-tie-loss), SWAT failed to invade Pompeii.

Special Weapons and Tactics’ invasion of Pompeii

Templars’ Invasion of Ohio

Following their performance in their first battle, the Templars continued to put up a strong fight against the Agents, now holding a size advantage of five to nine penguins across all three rooms. With consistently strong and rapid tactics, the Knights were able to secure victory in the first and third rooms. However, in the second room, SWAT overcame TCP’s tactical performance – even with a size disadvantage – securing their first room victory in the war. Despite this, TCP emerged victorious once again, successfully invading Ohio.

Templars’ invasion of Ohio

Special Weapons and Tactics’ Invasion of Sermoneta

The Agents returned to the battlefield, launching an offensive against Sermoneta. During this battle, in contrast to the previous one, SWAT held a size advantage of two to 5 penguins across all rooms. Despite their efforts, the Agents once again failed to secure a successful invasion. TCP showcased superior formations, increased consistency, speed in tactics, and an exceptional troop-to-tactic ratio. While the first two rooms were declared victories for the Templars, both armies’ performance declined in the final room, resulting in a tie. This led to TCP successfully defending Sermoneta.

Special Weapons and Tactics’ invasion of Sermoneta

Templars’ Invasion of Outback

The invasion of Outback marked the second Templar offensive against SWAT. TCP held a considerable size advantage of eight to nine troops in the first two rooms, which increased to an eleven-troop difference during room three. Due to this advantage, TCP could easily cover SWAT’s formations with faster movements and tactics. This battle resulted in a 3-0 sweep for TCP, securing a successful invasion.

Templars’ invasion of Outback

Special Weapons and Tactics’ Invasion of Pompeii

The Agents launched another attack on TCP’s nation, once again attempting to invade Pompeii. This battle proved to be the closest encounter thus far. While TCP managed to establish neater formations in room one – a key factor contributing to their victory – SWAT picked up their pace and managed to tie the second room, with both armies’ sizes fluctuating. However, in the third room, TCP’s size decreased further, with SWAT appearing to be the more dominant and faster army. With the results tied, the judges declared overtime. In the overtime room, TCP managed to recover some of its size and held a one-to-three penguin advantage. As SWAT’s performance declined, the fourth room was deemed a Templars victory. Therefore, SWAT’s invasion of Pompeii was unsuccessful.

Special Weapons and Tactics’ invasion of Pompeii

Templars’ Invasion of Down Under

Despite the previous close battle, TCP’s invasion of Down Under resulted in a clean sweep victory for the Knights. The Templars held a size advantage of one to five troops throughout all three rooms. Additionally, the Templars were able to dominate the rooms through bigger formations, better balance of text/emote tactics, and swifter movements. In spite of SWAT’s efforts, they were unable to secure a victory or a tie. Due to this, the Templars’ invasion of Down Under was successful.

Templars’ invasion of Down Under


With a fair number of battles, we can already see that the Templars are successfully defending their land. Additionally, successful invasions of SWAT have led to a war score of 6-0-0 in TCP’s favor. With further combat set to occur in the next several days, the paradigm of this war could potentially change. Will the tide turn in SWAT’s favor? How long will this war last?

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