Spotlight Investigation: Special Weapons’ Discovery

A new wave of multilogging has hit Special Weapons and Tactics, causing a bit of panic within the army itself. After cross checking the two accounts, a one-man multilogging operation has been unmasked in the army riddled with a history of multilogging.

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UPDATE: The truth shall set you free.

Cheers to Doruk for his cooperation

On January 29, it was brought to the Club Penguin Armies attention by Superhero123 that Battleground moderators have flagged an account for potential multilogging. While their leader Krill300 was preparing for the event, they asked multiple times who the account Hellohruu belonged to. At the time, nobody spoke up and the event continued on like normal.


Following the event, accusations began to be thrown within the army. Special Weapons and Tactics were determined to find the owner of the account for two reasons: one, it seemed that they wanted to reward this person for attending multiple events; two, they were nervous that this account had malicious intent. Eventually, the suspicion landed on Doruk who currently serves the army in its Higher Command as a Fifth in Command. Once the blame was directly pointed to Doruk, they deflected and stated that it was a friend.

Once the administration got on the case, it seemed less likely that it was Doruk’s friend and more likely a quick attempt to cover up the truth. Currently, Doruk still claims that the account is their friend. Therefore, this post will aim to shed light on the holes in Doruk’s story.

Account creation

On January 22, Doruk made an activation request in the Battleground Discord server for the account Hellohruu.

Initial request

The request was not met immediately. Doruk pinged once more due to a Special Weapons event occurring. Unfortunately for them, in an attempt that can only be described as covering up their tracks, they have since edited the message of them requesting activation for their “friend’s” account.

“Hellohruu” disappears from the message

Though, it appeared that the account was not activated in time for the event. Afterwards, Doruk logged back on and the Battleground bot discovered that the same login IP addresses between the two accounts. This means from 12:35pm EST to 12:42pm EST, the same login IP address was online. This was peculiar considering Doruk claimed to not know who Hellohruu was at the time.

Friend or not a friend?

who are you?

With the Hellohruu account activated, the stage was set for the first instance of multilogging. Special Weapons’ next event was a practice battle against the Dark Vikings on January 26. Once again, the same login IP address was present on the two accounts from 11:42am EST until 12:36pm EST. This time, the two accounts logged off at the exact same minute.

Engaged in battle with Dark Vikings

While the attendance of Hellohruu went unnoticed during the battle, Doruk left a message in the army’s promotion request for Hellohruu who attended on the account. This is the one and only occasion of Doruk doing this, failing to report their “friend’s” attendance on January 29.

Unfortunately, another instance occurs before January 29, this time on January 27: the day of New Years Bonanza. The same login IP address was present on the two accounts throughout the battle with both accounts suffering from disconnects, presumably due to the high intense volume of penguins online battling for the trophy.

New Year Bonanza 2024: Special Weapons versus People’s Imperial Confederation

Despite his best attempts, Krill300 could still not uncover who the account belonged to following the tournament. Nonetheless, things would come out in the open on January 29 where once again Hellohruu showed up for an event despite not possessing a Discord account. With the account turning up out of the blue once more, Krill300 was determined to discover who was this mysterious soldier in their army.

“I play Fortnite”

This time after the event, with accusations flying at Doruk, Krill300 approached the High Commander to get the truth. Instead, Doruk chose to say that it was their friend who they met on Instagram, who doesn’t have a Discord account, and only comes to the events upon Doruk’s requests. However, it was the same login IP addresses found on the two accounts as the last time, logged on from 11:57am EST until 12:21pm EST.

The final straw


Thankfully, Special Weapons and Tactics were extremely cooperative and forthcoming during this investigation. In an effort to showcase how seriously they took this matter, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Krill300 for a statement on the story.

Hello, so, as you mentioned, Doruk multilogged. I am unaware of this incident. However, I would like to say something on this, if it really happened. Lately, we have been having doubts with one person on Battleground (CPAB) who had been joining Special Weapons (SWAT) events. I was doubting it was someone multilogging. However, I did not know who it was. I messaged CPAB Moderator and SWAT Second in Command, Zooy, about it. I asked him if he could ask Superhero123 who it could be. I shall be very honest, if we had received a response, I would have clearly mentioned to Club Penguin Armies that they should ignore one person from our sizes. People said that they suspected Doruk for that extra penguin, so I asked Zooy personally, please see the attachment below. Also, I have been asking Zooy many questions lately, so he did not reply back then. Today, I have asked him again for a response. Doruk had recently joined SWAT[…]. In conclusion, please note that no one was aware of who the person was. However, I did suspect that it was someone doing something wrong behind the scenes. As SWAT does not condone multilogging, we will immediately demote Doruk seeing this misbehavior. We do not appreciate this immoral action taken by them.

Unfortunately, this was not caught before last week’s Top Ten. While doing our own investigation on this penguin, it became very clear to us that Doruk is a young individual who probably did not mean to bring harm to the army. Nevertheless, multilogging is not taken lightly as it is considered the ultimate form of cheating in our community. Therefore, the January 29 event involving Doruk and Hellohruu will be deducted from size scores this week.

While this may be the first spotlight investigation of my administration, I do not believe it to be the first incident of multilogging. I implore any person reading this post to consider that multilogging will never bring you true satisfaction. Additionally, I warn all community members of passing judgement on a young kid who tabbed a few events. Doruk will be dealt punishment for their mistake by their leader, but that does not mean they deserve any hate. Anyway, do you play Fortnite?

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