Community Reacts: New Year Bonanza 2024

As the Club Penguin Army community begins to digest the results of the New Year Bonanza tournament, discussions have persisted throughout army Discord servers. With the Army of Club Penguin and the People’s Imperial Confederation taking home the first trophies of 2024, what does the community think of the memorable battles?

The Major army category of the New Year Bonanza tournament featured five armies competing for the first trophy of the year. The Army of Club Penguin emerged victorious, defeating the Water Vikings in their respective ten-minute battles, only losing to the Elite Guardians. The Clovers faced off in close combat against the Rebel Penguin Federation, leading to the tournament’s sole overtime room. Despite close sizes on both sides, ACP outperformed the Rebels in speed, securing their victory.


Starting simultaneously on a separate server, four armies competed for the often scarce opportunity to secure a Small/Medium trophy. The People’s Imperial Confederation unanimously defeated the Special Weapons and Tactics, Penguins of Madagascar, and the Winged Hussars, obtaining their first trophy of the year.


In light of the excellent performance demonstrated by all participating armies, Club Penguin Armies reached out to several community members to hear their thoughts on the battles.

ROOBOO, Help Force Leader: First of all I’d like to congratulate the organizers and judges for making this tournament. As an army it looked so chaotically fun, so I imagine how hard it was for the ones running it for us! Huge shoutout to them! I think it was a very amazing battle for everyone, considering how toughly we all fought. I may only say that I wished for the organizers to have that “no show up army = 0 points” beforehand so we know while battling because TCP for example made some of us earn 0 points for no reason. It was all greatly made aside that little rule that shifted all the results. But what could I say, shoutout to the organizers for having a flexible on-spot rule that made things fair. Maybe we would have wanted to know that rule beforehand that’s all. Shoutout to our brothers ACP for the common powerful W and CG to PIC too!

Saber, PIC HCOM, CPA Moderator: I thought it was a really fun battle to be a part of!! tournaments are one of the highlights of being in armies, and i felt like it was an amazing experience to battle people that pic usually wouldn’t! everyone did really well and the battles were set up GREAT, i loved the element of surprise as to who we were up against! waiting on the results almost made us all burst a blood vessel, but waiting in anticipation to get the result that we won was possibly the best feeling ever! here’s to a strong 2024 for armies!

Calgo, Community Comittee Head: Personally I thought this tournament was extremely exciting to participate in and honestly huge props to the CPA admin team for organizing this and the CPAJ judges for ensuring it went as smoothly as possible. This kind of format was definitely stressful, but it gave us a glimpse at the unpredictability of battles not knowing who we were gonna face off against next. It was such a great feeling getting to see ACP go toe to toe with EGCP, WV, and RPF and winning it all! Huge shoutout to Coolguy, Ugly, and Zoomey on their leading as well as all the ACP staff who absolutely kicked ass this week in their preparations. I definitely feel bad for the armies who were impacted by TCP’s last minute withdrawal from the tournament and I understand why they are frustrated. In terms of battles though, these battles were each very close in my opinion and I think it really pushed the best out of all of us. WV and RPF definitely looked the strongest in this tournament besides RPF and I’m interested in seeing how these matchups develop as the year progresses and we turn our sights to March Madness! Also shoutout to our allies PIC for winning the tournament as well!

Sidie9, Associate Editor: Firstly, I’d like to congratulate the Army of Club Penguin on their historic victory. I know many of the Clovers work very hard and they definitely deserve to see their efforts materialise in a new trophy. I’m not at all surprised that the Rebel Penguin Federation came so close to victory, they’ve always pushed hard in tournaments and you can never count them out. I’m a bit disappointed that the Templars decided not to attend, but they wouldn’t be the first army to sit out of a tournament at the last moment. As the creator of the People’s Imperial Confederation, however, I’m not at all surprised that we won the Small/Medium category. Aside from PIC I was most impressed by the Winged Hussars, as I felt our battle against them was the closest. The biggest let-down for me was SWAT though, they seemed to be a husk of an army. I think bringing back this tournament was a great idea for 2024 and I hope it becomes a permanent fixture on our yearly calendars!

MasterDS, Head of Branding: So I actually ended up enjoying NYB more than I had originally anticipated because it was such a different format of battling compared to the more traditional tournament style the community was used to. It was also more thrilling because you had to face 3 different armies in one battle, which didn’t let the excitement dampen since it restarted the fighting mood after each room. Overall, it felt like a breath of fresh air in the community, and I hope we continue to have tournaments in this style in the future as well to get armies pumped up 😄

Mogi4, Head Youtuber: I was surprised to see 200+ people attend it, which shows that the community is still active. I wasn’t very surprised with ACP winning as they had just also gotten a max of almost 60 in Austins retirement that same week. I did expect WV to do better but oh well. I thought it was a very interesting tournament seeing almost every single army attend except DV and CC, and yeah it was very successful imo 🙂

Fun X Time, SWAT Leader: The tournament battle of New Year Bonanza 2024 was quite fascinating! It is not the first time the army community is seeing a battle where a random army competes with another. The idea of an unknown competition adds to the suspicion, making the tournament interesting and hostile. The tournament battle was resourceful to armies. They could analyze and compare their opponents with themselves in just an eventful room. Overall, the tournament was well organized by the Club Penguin Armies (CPA) organization. I greatly appreciate the work of the administration! Although, the judging must have been very complex, Club Penguin Army Judges (CPAJ) did a wonderful job managing the situation to conclude a winner. And, the army community diligently showed their patience and effort. SWAT congratulates Army of Club Penguin (ACP) and People’s Imperial Confederation (PIC) for turning out to be victorious in the battle!

Ugly, Senior Reporter: I thought the tournament went really well and reached the expectations and hype it made. All battles were amazing and the results were my favorite part. Each army participating did an amazing performance and made this edition of NYB pretty fun and enjoyable. Shoutout to the ACP and RPF troops for being patient before and after overtime and shoutout to the judges and head judges aswell for figuring out how to judge this whole mess lol, would love to have it again next year.

Lunita, Community Committee:I believe that the battle was quite fun! Or well battles to be more precise. It was great to be able to fight against multiple opponents in one go, I wish there were more tournaments like this. The only unfortunate thing was that Water Vikings was able to fight for just two rooms, rather than three, which is a huge shame, it would have been great to fight against rpf, or hf! But yeah, the battle was fun, and I’d like to congratulate the winning armies.

This tournament proved to be a huge hit and something that will be celebrated throughout 2024.  Members from all corners of the CPA community seem extremely grateful to the CPA and CPAJ organizations for all of the effort put into the New Year Bonanza tournament. Club Penguin Armies extends congratulations to both the Army of Club Penguin and the People’s Imperial Confederation on their respective victories. What did you think of the New Year Bonanza tournament? Should this tournament be an annual event? 

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