Top Ten Armies Of The Month: January 2024

The first month of 2024 saw the return of the New Year Bonanza tournament along with a new war breaking out. As armies continue to navigate daily army workings without a server map, the Top Ten stayed as competitive as ever with sizes that outpace last month’s.

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Top Ten Armies

1. Army of Club Penguin ⟨80[↑2]

2. Help Force ⟨71[↑3]

3. Elite Guardians ⟨68[↓2]

4. Water Vikings ⟨67[↑1]

5T. Rebel Penguin Federation ⟨66[↓2]

5T. Templars ⟨66[↓3]

7. People’s Imperial Confederation ⟨58[RETURN]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics ⟨51[]

9. Winged Hussars ⟨36[RETURN]

10. Dark Vikings ⟨34[↓3]

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January saw the Army of Club Penguin go on a streak, consecutively placing at number one on the Top Ten. Behind them, the Help Force saw the largest rise who have gone up three places since last month. Elite Guardians find themselves placed at third after dealing with a multiplier on all their events in the fall out of the Christmas Crusade. Rebel Penguin Federation are once again tied, this time with the Templars who dropped three places after rising last month. Thanks to their current war, both People’s Imperial Confederation and Winged Hussars are back on the Top Ten Armies of the Month rankings, sandwiching Special Weapons in their consistent eighth place. It was a close call between tenth place, but the Dark Vikings were able to edge out by a singular point, dropping three spots from last month. Will a map return change things? 

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