Charity and Fundraising in Armies: A Look at the Philanthropic Aspect Within the Community

Charity has always been seen as a noble cause that not only plays a significant role in supporting people and organizations but also fosters a sense of community through unity, resilience, and collective effort. In the army community, there have been several instances of armies hosting fundraising events which we shall be delving deeper into, in this post.

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The world that we reside in today is beset with complex issues. In such a world, the ability to help and be there for one another is the need for the hour. Charity and Fundraising, fundamentally are essential in addressing the most basic human needs, and through these efforts, individuals and communities gain access to necessities like food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and education. The army community has been witness to several such occurrences throughout the years, however, in recent times, this course has seen a rise for the better.

In the year 2021, the Ice Warriors held a charity for #TeamSeas, “a social project incentivizing people to remove trash from the ocean by donating crypto.” This was done to bring awareness to keeping the water bodies clean, and free from any kind of marine debris. DrQueen, one of the leaders of the army back then, and Crazyflame, one of the staff members of the army, together handled the funds for this donation. Through collaborative efforts of fundraising and campaigning for the cause, the army was able to raise over $70 in honor of it.

Ice Warriors’ donation on behalf of every troop who logged on for the awareness event

Ice Warriors’ donation on behalf of the army’s staff team

Ice Warriors’ announcement of #TeamSeas event

In the same year, the Rebel Penguin Federation introduced the Rebel Cash for Change, an initiative that would look at providing financial support to three areas namely Wildlife (World Wildlife Fund), Medicine (International Rescue Committee), and Infrastructure (Playground Builders). This campaign had 121 members donate their Rebel Cash, the army’s currency, and a total amount of 10,016,805 in Rebel Cash was raised as funds for that year with $100 donated to the three organizations. In the coming year, they followed the same initiative, which saw 67 members of the army donate, raising the funds to 15,760,222 Rebel Cash for the year 2022.

Rebel Penguin Federation’s donation to the International Rescue Committee in 2021

Rebel Penguin Federation’s second donation to the International Rescue Committee in 2021

Rebel Penguin Federation’s donation to World Wildlife Fund in 2021

Rebel Penguin Federation’s second donation to World Wildlife Fund in 2021

In 2022 and during the same time as the Rebels, Help Force also hosted Sapphires for Change throughout the month of December, which saw 46 Helpers donate their Sapphires, the army’s official currency to the fund. These Sapphires were then converted to real donations and the army contributed $53 to charity. This money not only went partly to Wikipedia, but the army also took the opportunity to provide meals to school-going children in South Sudan, and to drought-affected families in the Horn of Africa.

Help Force’s donation to Wikipedia

Help Force’s donation to school meals in South Sudan

Help Force’s donation to drought-affected families in the Horn of Africa

Following this, the Helpers once again organized a charity fundraiser last year on the 30th of December, which had them donate 1 Dollar for each person who logged on to their Charity Event that day on CPA Battleground. The army maxed 43 for the event and this money later went to the causes and campaigns featured in the ShareTheMeal website.

Help Force’s Charity Event in 2023

Last year during the month of December, the Elite Guardians also hosted a fundraising event referring to it as Totinhos for Change which aimed towards donating to a certain cause. Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to talk to Fitsuki, one of the current leaders of the army to know more about the event.

Fitsuki: We did a campaign called “Totinhos for Change”, which consisted of donating 2 Brazilian reais for each penguin online in the Christmas Chaos final and semi-final. After the tournament ended, we did a poll on the server to know which area we would donate the 224 reais to, and the members chose the health area. Now we are waiting for members to choose which healthcare institution they would like us to help.

Elite Guardians’ Charity and Fundraising Campaign

More recently, on the 20th of January this year, the Army of Club Penguin hosted a charity event, calling it the Clover Charity Fundraiser after taking inspiration from their brother allies, the Help Force. For every person that logged on during their event, the Clovers would donate $2, and with a max size of 35 that day, the army was able to raise $73.50 as donations. This was funded by one of their veterans and former staff member, Mads, and the money went to the ‘Every Child Educated’ charity, an initiative by UNICEF.

Army of Club Penguin’s “Clover Charity Fundraiser”

All of these endeavors above not only portray and foster compassion, empathy, and the desire to help but stand as a testament to a positive change within the community. The importance of charity lies in the varied functions it has, be it in promoting social equality and encouraging social responsibility, or its purpose in addressing global crises and meeting the most fundamental human needs. As Anne Frank said, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”, and it is this giving that should serve as a reminder of our shared responsibility to support one another, and, lend a hand to those in need, creating a better world for everyone.

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