Community Reacts: Christmas Chaos XIII Grand Finals

With the long-awaited finals of the Christmas Chaos tournament taking place, the army community witnessed a battle between two armies who had just recently broken their alliance with each other due to recent controversies. Many community members were curious as to what would unfold during this battle, as to some it was going to seem like a close battle.

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On Saturday, the Water Vikings and Elite Guardians faced each other in the Finals of Christmas Chaos XIII. Many in the community had wondered what would happen next throughout the battle, but towards the end, the Water Vikings tied two rooms with the Guardians and won the second room of the battle, confirming many predictions.

Elite Guardians vs. Water Vikings

Initial Reactions:

Community Reacts

Beasto, Help Force: I was honestly expecting an Overtime room at least, EGCP is known for their big sizes, but I never doubted that the Water Vikings could win this tournament with their performance. I had high expectations for both armies, but I guess the Water Vikings just was too deserving of the win with their amazing performance, especially after the Semi-finals. Also the moment they won against HF, there was no one left to stop their Legendary march towards the Victory :p Also Mabel & Dino too powerful of a leadership Combo, still Mabel smells tho

Calgocubs21, Community Committee Head: Honestly going into the battle I presumed it was gonna be a pretty uphill fight for WV to overcome EGCP especially just due to the overall size difference. I believed that WV’s win condition was gonna hinge solely on them being able to have a huge turnout and match EGCP’s size, but I was completely mistaken. In an almost RPF-like fashion, WV pulled off an unthinkable underdog upset on EGCP despite there being a considerable size difference. It goes to show that size does not guarantee you the win in any aspect just like I had to learn during March Madness and that ultimately WV were on top of their game with tactics and form callouts. Not only did they upset EGCP, but they also stomped ACP who had one the last two tournaments without even losing a single room. WV was the dark horse of this entire tournament and without a doubt armies made a mistake for underestimating them and writing them off like I did. Huge props to the leaders Dino, Mabel, Claire, and Cabin for pulling off the unthinkable and turning an army around from being at risk of dropping to S/M in the fall to becoming champions in such a historic tournament. Well done!

Aubz, Community Committee Head: I honestly didn’t know what to except from this battle with all the controversy EGCP had recently. Many were saying they might not show up. I had some insider knowledge about the communities view as I was in charge of bracketology and no one predicted WV would win! I was equally as shocked when they pulled it out but they really deserved it

Alucard, People’s Imperial Confederation: My initial reaction? Well I was pretty surprised to see that the Water Vikings had won. We all thought in the Community VC that EGCP had won due to Calgo’s laggy streaming :Stare:. It was a very close battle though and both sides did insanely well to get to the finals. EGCP may have had the size advantage but WV did amazing to make that advantage look non existent. GG WV :salute~8:

Mare, Head Judge: I wasn’t too surprised EGCP made it to the finals because they are the strongest army currently. Especially with the max they hit during the previous battle. However when WV made it to the finals I was shocked I didnt know what to expect when the day came. Both armies were giving it all they got and were pretty much neck and neck with one another. I was just surprised how WV came so prepared and it was like they didn’t come to mess around and gave it all they got. Their hard work definitely paid off and beating one of the biggest armies was shocking.

Edu14463, Associate Editor: Honestly, I was very surprised once I saw the results, since the battle was indeed very close. We were actually agreeing that EGCP was going to win in the communit chat, so it was very shocking to see that WV got the upperhand. Personally, I felt very happy for the Vikings because of some friends in the army who I know that worked very hard to make this victory happen. Congratulations to my besties!

The Grand Finals round of Christmas Chaos XIII has passed. The results of the battle seemed to amaze many in the community, especially with the performance of the Vikings just a few months back in the fall. Despite all that, we congratulate the Water Vikings on their victory in this battle, and a well done to both them and the Guardians for this grand performance. Who did you think was going to win the Grand Finals this year? 

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