Top Ten Armies Of The Month: December 2023

The last month of the year saw the return of Christmas Chaos alongside another alliance war breaking out over holiday break. This resulted in the weekly Top Ten having constant changes in the rankings.

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Top Ten Armies

1. Elite Guardians ⟨99[]

2. Templars ⟨87[↑4]

3T. Army of Club Penguin ⟨85[↓1]

3T. Rebel Penguin Federation ⟨85[]

5T. Help Force ⟨84[]

5T. Water Vikings ⟨84[↓1]

7. Dark Vikings ⟨67[RETURN]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics 54[↓1]

9. Penguins of Madagascar ⟨43[↑1]

10. Coup Crusaders ⟨35[↓2]

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This was the month of the tie. Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation find themselves tied at third followed by the Help Force and Water Vikings, with only one point less, are tied at fifth. The largest rise is clearly seen in the case of Templars, which has gone up four places since last month. People’s Imperial Confederation are nowhere to be seen as the Dark Vikings return to the Top Ten Armies of the Month rankings. Lastly, we see that Penguins of Madagascar have also managed to rise up to the ninth spot as Coup Crusaders fall down two spots as they were unable to keep retain their spot in such a competitive month. The scores this month trend higher than normal as there were five Top Tens.

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