Philosophy: End-of-Year Reflections

The approach of end-of-year celebrations arouses diverse feelings in many people, all related to the expectations of a new year. Amidst pauses in the routine, many face themselves with reflections: What has been accomplished? What are the new projects for the coming year? What am I searching for?

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Just like a year ends, a cycle draws to a close. It is time to assess our achievements and shortcomings. It is time to ‘tidy up’ the domains of life, work, and the heart. The perfect occasion to contemplate our actions and lifestyle, and institute changes where necessary. This somewhat melancholic period of the year urgently calls for reflection. Nonetheless, what constitutes the act of reflection? Why are end-of-year reflections so insightful?

Generally speaking, a reflection, in the philosophical context, usually refers to the capacity to think critically and deeply about a subject, thoroughly examining its different intricacies, implications, and connections. This can involve questioning and analyzing arguments, considering different perspectives, and searching for a more complete comprehension of a certain matter. In Philosophy, reflection is very often associated with the search for truth and the development of an individual’s understanding of the world around them. Therefore, individuals capture reality in itself, and through reflection of stimuli arising from their exposure, they are capable of producing their impressions on concrete facts.

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Regrettably, the new year is not as new as we thought it would be, because human behavior sometimes repeats compulsively. For instance, abandoned dietary regimes, and attempts to quit vices. Failed disciplines, and unfinished work. Those are small illustrations from the daily lives of human beings. Furthermore, we share a tendency to deny our difficulties, preferring to attribute them to other people, institutions, chance, or any reason other than ourselves. Until we confront this primordial issue, whether through self-reflection or with the help of someone else, we will not truly achieve a ‘new year’.

It does not matter how many resolutions we make, we will never fulfill them all until we learn how to change our reasoning and mindset. Thus, it is safe to assume that it is impossible to change habits in order to produce a change in life without changing the way we think and reflect on reality. Nonetheless, in the pursuit of truth, the first challenge is to genuinely desire it, which lies beyond our current knowledge. This requires sincerity. Sincerity is not just about telling the truth to anyone in any way. It is, first of all, about presenting coherence between speech, practice, and internal will. Are we acting sincerely with ourselves? Are we sincerely practicing what we say we believe? These are valid reflections in an increasingly liquid and identityless society.

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When getting entangled in end-of-year reflections, we should always reflect on our actions with the most sincere desire to seek out the truth and only the truth. Furthermore, blaming the circumstances for our shortcomings and failures will only prevent us from being better people the next year. What have I done this year? What should I improve in my life? Can I do anything differently to get my army to thrive? We shall not deceive ourselves. If the truth does not hurt, does not bother you, and does not penetrate your core, then it is not the truth. It is just a hoax created to protect our mentality.

The turn of the year is nothing more than a cycle that we humans have invented. There is nothing metaphysical about it. It is just a temporal marking of our planet’s translational cycle. However, for us, it has become a symbol of hope. Of renewal, joy, peace. Perhaps of fears and insecurities about the future. Regardless of the feeling, let us face this new year that is about to begin with all our will and sincerity. May the end-of-year reflections help you become someone stronger and better. May your dreams come true and your goals be achieved. Most importantly, may you be happy in this new cycle. A happy 2024 for Club Penguin Armies.

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