Christmas Chaos XIII: Grand Finals Predictions

The Grand Finals of this year’s Christmas Chaos is set to commence this Saturday. The Elite Guardians and Water Vikings will face each other in an intense final battle. Let us see what are the community predictions for the winner of this tournament.

Grand Finals Predictions

Christmas Chaos is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the army community, as it marks the end of the year. Few armies had the liberty of lifting this trophy throughout its many editions. Two weeks ago, we saw four armies clash for their appearance in the finals. This year we will either see the Water Vikings win their first edition of this tournament, or the Elite Guardians secure their third Christmas Chaos trophy.

Elite Guardians vs. Water Vikings

The Elite Guardians have surprised many during this tournament as they continue to reach higher troops online each round. This is no surprise from the Elite Guardians as they are known to have size differences as their biggest advantage as seen in the Legends Cup XIII. On the other hand, the Water Vikings have proven themselves numerous times in tournaments, such as the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition and Legends Cup XIIWith their experience in the final stages, the Water Vikings are a solid challenger for the title and would put the weight on the guardians. Seeing that both armies have strong bets against each other, let’s see how the community thinks the grand finals will go out.

Christmas Chaos XIII Semi Finals

Elite Guardians during the Christmas Chaos XIII Semi-Finals against RPF.

Club Penguin Armies has contacted several community members for their predictions on who will win.

Milkbiscuit3, S/M Legend: I think EGCP will win because i dont know why.

DMT, CPA Advisor: WV 2-1-1 EGCP (W/L/T). Though EGCP has achieved higher sizes than WV throughout the tournament, historically WVs large veteran pool always shows out for finals appearances. This will make the battle much closer than many probably anticipate, and I give the tactical edge to the Water Vikings as well due to the experience of Mabel, Dino, and the rest of the leadership.

Aisha, Moderator: I think itll be 1-0-2 to EGCP mainly bc of size, i feel like theyll tie two rooms though because wv are neat with their formations.

Kyle, Community Member: WV win 2-0-1. I feel as though that with the current situation with EGCP, WV will want to take advantage of this and prove that they are capable of making a statement against EGCP. Both armies are maxing similar in the tournament and although the recent allegations will want EGCP to try and show they can do well without the alleged help they receive, I feel WV will edge EGCP and take the win

Master DS, Graphic Desginer: I think WV will win with 1 room and two ties since EGCP has shown to have impressive sizes during battles but WV is not a force to be underestimated either. It’ll be a tug of war between the two armies, byt ultimately, WV will come on top.

Zombplays, Community Commitee: Water Vikings have proven their tenacity by eliminating ACP, but EGPC’s size is always an advantage for them. Though I have hope for WV winning, the result cannot be easily determined as both armies can easily outmatch each other.

Superhero123, CPA Advisor: WV 2-1 victory, fear the wave 🌊

Although the community does not predict a clear winner, even though a slight majority leans towards WV, the upcoming battle between the two major armies will certainly have some people surprised by the results. The Guardians and Vikings had a long history of friendly relations. However, that will not stop any of them from relinquishing the trophy to the other so easily. It is safe to assume this final battle will be close, as both armies have everything at stake. What are YOUR predictions for the grand finals?

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