Digital Tree Decoration Results

As a way to come together to celebrate the holidays, Help Force leader Rooboo put together a digital tree decoration event in our Discord server. Over the past week, community members have been creating personalized ornaments for the tree.

Designed by Dino

Rooboo tasked the community with designing their own ornaments for the Club Penguin Armies digital tree. The ornaments could represent anything ranging from armies, favorite memories or even logos. The final product has been shared on our Discord server. The tree is so magnificent that we needed to make a post for it.

Designed by all of you!

During a time of war, this community event was a great reminder of how relaxing friendly community events can be. It was great to see so many designs created for the tree. The announcement of the final result of the digital tree even inspired community members to share the Christmas trees they put up this year. Take a look at a few of them below.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to one of the submitters, Mare, and asked her to provide a statement on her favorite aspects about the holiday season in the army community.

My favorite thing about the holiday season in armies are all of the events being themed! I also love it when armies battle against other armies with themes like Santa [versus] Elves. Another thing I loved this year is how the league hosted stuff like an igloo contest and the create your own ornament.

Once again, the administration and Club Penguin Armies team wishes everyone a happy holidays! Regardless of what you celebrate during this time of year, we hope you all are enjoying the holiday season at Club Penguin Armies. Which ornament is your favorite?

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